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It's years since a journal was posted in this group. But recently, I had an interesting exchange of idea with :iconaliciadrawsbecause: about how members of dA see genies.
Do you see genies simply as sexy girls in scant harem clothes that are bound to grant their masters wishes?
Or do you see them as ancient beings, powerful and so much different from humans?
Or do you see them in a completely different way?

Please share you thought about how you see genies and what you enjoy about them with us. I hope that we can have a little discussion here.
SomePkmn-LovingDude is holding an Art Jam for characters in costumes from Arabian nights. If you like, you can add your genie characters. For details see here:
its just been reported today that........Robin Williams aka Genie has passed away this morning.…
Hello Fans,

I decided to do a new contest this year and this time, I will give a three-month premium-membership to the winner.

The theme is a story about my OC David after he was turned into a genie.

Tell us the tale of him meeting his first Master or Mistress and how David grants their wish(es). The Story should fit into my Martha universe. The genie rules to obey are:

   The genie has to grant one wish minimum to whoever holds the lamp (but they can decide to grant more wishes - This means you can decide for your story how many wishes David will grant his master/mistress).
   Genie's can't kill. (Inanimate transformations don't count as killing, since the consciousness of the victim is bound inside the object and the victim can be restored.)
   They can't bring the dead back from death.
   The Master or Mistress can't wish for more wishes, than the genie had promised to grant.
   The Master or Mistress can't wish that the genie is bound to him/her for an indefinite time.
   The genie is not allowed to bend the free will of another person (e.g. making a person fall in love with the master)

Try to keep David roughly in character according to my stories: He was the heir of a hotel in Switzerland and engaged with Amelia Maus. One of his employees was the genie Martha. Unfortunately, David thought that all genies are evil. To teach him a lesson, Martha turned David into a genie and bound him to her old lamp. Now David can prove himself if all genies are evil or not. Martha teleported the lamp away so David will meet his first master, where your story will start.
Please use paragraphs to make your story readable. Also avoid orthographical faults as good as you can.

Language should be english.

Extend is 2000 words maximum.

Deadline is May 17th; 18:00 Central European time.

Only one entry per contestant is allowed.

Price: I will give the winner a three-month premium membership. And I will draw a picture for the story.

Post your entry before deadline and write in the description that it is for the contest. Then inform me about your work.
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After some reply on the last contest, we decided to broaden the contest: It is still a writing contest, but the outline is now:

Write a story about a genie, who leaves his lamp/bottle/etc. for the first time after hundereds of years. How does she/he experience the new century/culture she/he's in now?

The deadline for the contest is the 31st of July. All entries must be placed in the contest folder of this group. If you got problems posting your stories there, we will assist you. You can enter only one story into the contest. The word limit is at 3000 words.

The prizes will be EITHER an illustration for your story made by :iconhippo2: OR a co-founder-status for one year in this group.

Nothing at the moment! Check back soon!


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The lamp of a thousand temptationsLouise was in a bad spot.In chains, imprisoned because she hadn't been fast enough, her mission had been mostly a failure. She merely had to find an ancient artifact before this dark witch could, its power far too great for the likes of Catraphia to wield. The ever-flirting, free-spirited though malevolent spell-caster had said out loud what her intents were when she'd get her hands on the lamp of a thousand temptations, an object of might which had been used in the past for both nefarious and sublime deeds. As a heroine, it was Louise's duty to go forth and find it before her along with her party of other heroines...but they failed.She could picture it now, Castraphia enchanting, ensorceling, mesmerizing, hypnotizing the others into becoming her slaves, part of her growing harem of female adventurers of all kind, each on their knees, a smile on their lips, dressed like exotic maidens and dancers for her pleasure...and yet somehow she had sparred Louise. Of course, sparred was perhaps a generous term as indeed she had not been harmed and neither had she changed, yet she was chained in her cell, held very close to the wall opposite to the door and bars with cuffs on her wrists and ankles, with one singular item out of arm's reach: the lamp itself.It was a cruel situation, certainly not out-of-character for Castraphia who rejoiced in torment and teasing, their rivalry full of such moments when she'd playfully make lewd comments on Louise, flirting and threats ever being balanced in their interaction, even with the former was really just one-sided. The depravity of the witch had always been something she felt was weird and yet now that Louise was at her mercy, for the moment anyway, Castraphia did not even do anything to take advantage of the situation. Something was up...yet what?She looked at the lamp, the sole item of interest as the objective of her important quest. If she could get her hands on it, perhaps it might even save her, though for no lack of trying she simply couldn't reach it. The length of her chains had been calculated and the only thing that Louise could actually do was stare at the, admittedly, sumptuous artifact. It was an oil lamp, one made of gold in its base, spout and on every inches of its crafted appearance...yet there were also gems on the side which were ever-changing. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, opals, obsidian stones, diamonds...she had difficulties identifying it all as they popped up and created bizarre patterns, a cavalcade of sparkling, glimmering colors in rainbows of intriguing appeal. Part of Louise felt happy watching it, yet another one entirely was wary as the few legends she heard about this object were of how people could be tested upon acquiring it. It was called, after all, the lamp of a thousand temptations.Yet as much as she tried to slip her hands and wrists out of her cuffs, a task that still wasn't met with success, her own eyes kept on being distracted by the lamp standing but a few meters away from her. On the cold stone floor, it was the only thing which seemed to radiate light and warmth, opulence and beauty and it was certainly difficult not to notice it. She wanted to stare at it, to observe the lamp as if it was trying to send a message to her in some ethereal language, but she snapped out of it, shaking her head as she tried to move the chains by force, an ultimately pointless endeavor yet one she felt she had to try again and again, no matter how many attempts until success would be hers.This caused her to be tired, for fatigue, hunger and thirst to be even more preeminent in her body as she had been basically thrown into this cell, possibly to rot there if the lack of visits were anything to go by. No Castraphia that came to gloat, none of her companions to give her food but also misery in how they had been corrupted and brainwashed...nothing. It was a touch painful, both physically and mentally, yet there was one escape from this, something that Louise found out by accident and that was staring at the lamp of a thousand temptation.It was so round, curves sculpted in gold that possessed a sheen unlike any piece of art, more precious than gems, prettier still than all that Louise had ever witnessed. The patterns went in all directions, were ever became some kind of ouroboros, a self-absorbing loop which created something very easy to stare at, to appreciate. The gold made the gemstones radiate in their light even more, the singular torch in the cell burning its fiery image onto the surface of the object as her eyes glued themselves upon it. There was a mystical allure to this simplest of thing, an oil lamp whose power was so great that it was desired by many...yet now it was in the hands of Castraphia but still so close. As cruel as it was, there was comfort in locking her gaze upon the lamp, making Louise temporarily forget herself for but a moment.There was no need for food, no fear, no anger, no pain...just an unique sensation of peace that Louise certainly couldn't get enough off. The gold seemed so much more precious, the gemstones so better-looking with each passing moment as she lost track of time for one, or perhaps a few, minutes. The temptation was upon her, the idea to just gaze and succumb to this tranquility being good and yet terrible also. She began to realize that perhaps this was the trick all along, that the lamp was there to break her spirit and claim her in a slow burn, in a way which would ensure that she'd be fully aware of what was going on and what would happen. She bit her lower lip and turned her gaze in another direction, an act which took much more effort than she ever thought possible.The dull grey of the stone wall was certainly not as interesting, its frigid and boring appearance no boon to her spirit and soul like the lamp was. She could still see a phantom pattern in the corner of her eyes, an invitation that her mind conjured for her to just move her neck a little, to return to something more pleasant. The image of the lamp itself seemed imprinted within her psyche, symbolizing temptation and warmth, an escape to her trouble even if ephemeral. It was, all in all, dooming herself to continue looking as she gathered her strength, her willpower to deny this and yet the simple concept of the lamp did not go away, as if burned within her thoughts.Louise knew not how long she managed to resist, to rebel, and yet it was not enough as still no one came to taunt her, to interact with her in any form. Isolation and the loss of how long she had been here gave way to further lack of control, of restrain on her part and thus her head went on to slowly but surely move on its own...and partake in the glory that was the lamp of a thousand temptations. How it sparkled, how it brought her such bliss to simply observe its radiance, its divine nature as Louise knew right there that she had lost, that thought coursing through her brain for a few moments until it was shut down completely.There really was nothing else to think about but the lamp, its superb aura and its power oh-so-clear by now. It gave way to contentment, to happiness as her problems seemed to dissipate one by one. Her predicament, what lead to it, how she got there and every single circumstances washed away by gems and gold, swirls of such wonderful colors that they pulsated, beginning to coat everything away in their beauty. No grey stone, no cold temperature, no loneliness, neither pain or anguish...just the acceptance of this object as its influence grew and Louise began to accept it. There was reluctance at first, fear of the unknown and of being unable to go back...yet the way forward which was silently promised to her seemed so good, so fantastic and filled with wonders that truly there was no other choice but to accept everything.She had lost, but this defeat was no shame, no great regret but instead liberation, the lamp imprinting itself even further inside her mind as she felt not just ecstasy but arousal as well. She was falling for this divine artifact, for its power and what it could do as she stared loving, worshipful eyes ogling that which she had sought for so long. No matter who found it first, so long as she could stare and as the lamp continued its work, immobile yet not without any particular magic or intent, smoke began to escape from the tip of the spout, a further invitation toward the inescapable, toward the sublime as Louise grinned in delight, her eyes long-since showcasing spirals of gold and multiple colors as by now she was the subject of this lamp and all its glory.The smoke, thick and sparkling, came in toward her as she took deep breaths, filling her lungs with mouthful and heavy inhaling of this offering, this promise of eternal salvation. It was a mixture of drinking, inhaling and eating the substance, the way it was light, somewhat bubbly but yet akin to mist as it was gulped down with eagerness, bringing volcanic heat and changes within her flesh, muscles, bones and her thoughts. It covered everything, then seeped in by bringing in magic of the likes Louise would never be able to identify as it colored the core of her character in all the precious shades and glimmers that mesmerized her so. She was feeling so empty yet fulfilled that her own body began not just to absorb the smoke, but to actually reverse it all as it was that content escaping the lamp which absorbed her, turning her from solid to gas in a way that felt simply incredible. Her arousal peaking, she understood nothing lest that it felt great and that she simply had to submit now, the easiest of task to accomplish.Soon, her wrists and ankles were freed, the chains no longer relevant as the smoke returned inside the lamp bit by bit, taking her along. It was no tragedy, nothing to be afraid of as instead she was eager, excited at the thought of being one with the lamp of a thousand temptations. It felt like part of her journey was complete, ready to move onto the next step as the suction made it seem like it was unavoidable. She had no choice on the matter, but she wasn't fooled into thinking of this as a catastrophe but rather as something liberating. Docile, submissive, she was a sharp contrast to who she had been once yet it was all for the better as by now she floated in the middle of the room and then was integrated into the artifact, swallowed and sucked in as she could feel the lamp shine and accept her wholeheartedly as barrage of information came within, discarding thoughts and knowledge for more useful acquisitions and skills to replace it all.She would know of fighting, of what she went through and of what she had once been...but she would also understand that this was the past and her present could be assigned to a role: genie slave. She was bound to the lamp, accepted in its sacred role of subservience and as such magic, spells, wish-granting, servitude, devotion, loyalty, worship and other such concepts poured in, overwhelming her for a few instants until they became the norm. And as this went on, a pair of hands took in the lamp and brought it up from the floor.“Hehehe...And now you shall be mine forever, Louise, my prized and pretty rival. How I've waited for the longest time to finally claim you and now you shall serve me for eternity. No longer blocking my path, you will facilitate everything for me, grant me pleasure and satisfaction with your every thoughts and actions~”Louise listened, that voice belonging to the one she intrinsically knew how to name: Mistress. A rub of her receptacle and there she was, unleashed, dressed in a bedlah of the most risky and sensual qualities, bowing in reverence, a smile on her face and the desire to obey firmly rooted in her psyche. Then, she committed to her role once more, declaring a sacred tenet.“Oh glorious mistress...I am Louise, the genie of the lamp of a thousand temptations...Your wishes are my commands and I am all too eager to hear and obey them~”
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