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The words aren't coming
The flow has stopped
The spindle runs thin
The flowers cropped
The letters dropped
Hand on her chest
Wishing she wasn't
Entwined in this mess
The honored guest
To maritial ties
All too late
To bid her goodbyes
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 0 0
I'm not a fan of structured poems, at least
When they're imposed on me, like subtle frames
Of written code which keep each line the same
The trapped voice a bird that yearns for release
Allow the flame to grow, please free the beast
Don't snuff the candle's fickle, frozen flame
Set meter and rhyming, you are to blame
Rendering my creativity deceased
But for you, I'll accept the forms you wish
Consume, swallow words with a grain of salt
My heart, wrapped in paper, I'll give to you
In a stanza, a line, or a swish
Of reason, confining words to a fault
Just don't think you're the only one who knew
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 1 0
Peanut Butter
Oh peanut butter, oh peanut butter
Why must you cause my words to stutter?
When lacking jelly or toast with butter
I long to abandon you for another
And without milk, your flavor stutters
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 0 1
Lucid - WIP
I'm lying here on a table.  Nothing but the sweet hum of machinery, both around and within me.  They'd mentioned something beforehand about my hearing.  Something about sensitivity that wouldn't hurt in higher decibel ranges.
My hand twitches to touch my new ear, but it remains limp by my side, paralyzed.  I think they'd mentioned something about the risk of muscle atrophy in low-gravity environments.  Something like that.
I'm hearing my heartbeat now.  It's strange to hear such an organic sound in this sterile environment.  If I cut myself, would I still bleed red?  Or had they replaced my blood with a substitute?  Was it still red, or another, foreign color?
With a slight click, a bright light switches itself on from overhead, illuminating the capillaries in my eyelids.  Still red...
Squinting, I try to turn my head, but my neck won't obey me.  As if reading my though
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 2 2
Ghost of the Past
Ever been haunted by a ghost of the past?  You know, those recurring memories of a time long gone, the ones that float uninvited into your head?  Maybe it's triggered by a memento, or a visit to a sacred place, or the mere mention of a name. The moment relives itself in your head, then disappears, leaving you with only a scrap of cloth or a pressed flower to remember.
But what if these ghosts aren't really ghosts at all?  What if they're still living, breathing creatures?  Maybe you never see them anymore.  Maybe you live too far apart.  Maybe you see each other on a daily basis, but you both pretend the other no longer exists.  Maybe you're enemies, or even friends.  Either way, you've both made an unspoken pact to never speak of the moment again.  In a vain attempt to smother the memory alive, you flood it with fresh oxygen, fresh consciousness upon which it can feed.
Is it better this way?
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 1 1
A writer in a group of artists
Is hardly a place to fit in
In a glance, one can admire a picture
But writing takes much longer to sink in
We've all learned our native language
But not all have picked up a pen
Yet sketching is somehow extraordinary
Simply because not everyone can
We can both stare at a vase for hours
Yet come up with an empty slate
And our details of realization
Rarely come sooner, but late
For despite our apparent differences
Our goal is the same: to learn
And only by way of practice
Can this mastery of skill be earned
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 1 3
A mourning dove hobbled across the road
And I wondered, "Why didn't it fly?"
Does the pleasure of crossing the pavement by foot
Outweigh the risks if it should die?
Maybe the bird remains ignorant
That a passing car could lead to his demise
Unsure of the dangers in the world of man
With no sense of fear in his eyes
Or perhaps he is simply cocky
As he struts across the road in pride
Knowing all vehicles will stop their procession
In order to let him pass by
But I, for one, think he enjoys it
In the way a human walks instead of drives
So the next time you see a bird walking
Maybe you should be the one he walks beside
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 2 2
Version 2.0 is ready
The beta is complete
Its release date is tomorrow
And I've heard it will be l33t
This one's fully moddable
No need to deal with flaws
And it's piracy-protected
So you can't break the law
The calendar is built-in
You'll remember all your dates
And the autopilot feature
Will ensure you won't be late
It's compatible with everything
The computer, the tv, the phone
And it'll download all your contacts
So you'll never feel alone
But if you choose not to upgrade
You'll be alienated, at best
Your communication will be archaic
And your accuracy, second-guessed
This isn't really an option
Conform now, or be scrapped
Humanity is overrated
Believe me, the entire brain's been mapped
We've discovered all your problems
And fixed them, one by one
Even those pesky emotions
We've sparked the revolution
And won.
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 2 8
Today is a sad day.
Why is the sun shining?
I thought the sky was supposed to reflect emotion
Like a heaven-mirror
Answering the prayers of the living
In the form of precipitation
Are the clouds our gods now?
They are notably absent
In this clear sky
An expanse filled with light
Taunting me
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 0 2
rain is not the same here
        drawn not from oceans and lakes
but from rivers and pastures afar
distant origins aside
        here, it is simply melted snow
not the prisms of sunlight
        that I used to know
infrequent as this precipitation might be
        i still yearn for the rain
even if it's
        not the same
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 0 6
Emo Kid
I'm a little emo kid
Short and stout
Here are my emo bangs
Here is my pout
When the syringe fills up
Tap the bubbles out
Cut across your wrists
And watch the blood pour out
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 1 4
Mary's Valentine
This valentine is black and green
Sweetheart colors not often seen
But love is not what these colors mean
For this is a card of hate
Lucas protests your cliff-diving ways
And the dragons who speak more than petty horse-neighs
"I will not ride on Ryu, no matter what you say!
Even though that's no longer his name.
This gaudy hair of mine fills me with woe
Plus the characters who are always the first to go
And the sexual tension: why must you torture me so
When I've done nothing but obey your every whim?
Do away with the cannibals, and the butterflies!
And please, stop exploiting my fear of heights
I'd rather stay here and look up at the skies
Than to look down to find clouds at my feet."
Now, this card is the extent of my artistic skills
For a set like yours, Mary, I'd probably kill
Good thing we have characters to torture instead
Or we'd end up chopping off somebody's head.
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 2 1
that was the time
        when i didn't know
of the latent miseries
        so long ago
that was the time
        of recovered minds
some were hers
        but most were mine
that was the time
        when i didn't care
you're not so different
        but you weren't there.
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 1 2
I'm thinking of a person
I'm sure you know it's you
But recent bouts of heartbreak
Have kept my affections few
So little thoughts I have to spare
So many you occupy
Although I wish my days you'd fill
Oftentimes I must pass you by
If only a hug reached a mile away
If only your embrace stretched so far
From a distance, you'd ward off the pain of the passing
No longer would I have cause for alarm
These stanzas can only embody so much
Sometimes I don't even know where to start
All these words combined altogether fall short
But at the very least, you've captured my heart
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 0 0
There's a flame beneath my heart,
And it won't ever go away.
No matter where the wind will blow,
It's always there to stay.
It's there when I take walks outside.
It's there when I'm asleep.
Sometimes it's a candle flame.
Sometimes a burning heap.
I'm not sure what to think sometimes.
I often let it go.
But when my flame wants to be heard,
It always lets me know.
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 1 2
I see a line of butterflies
     From the window to the door
Darkened tones of ecstasy
     Revealing nothing more
The only evidence of another soul
     Is the lonely click of a pen
But ominous murmurs suggest several more
     Reside beyond the realm of men
Piano melodies float from an upwards hall
     Violas follow suit
Wordless mouths and puppet-stringed feet
     Echo from a windless roof
The doors are locked, the windows closed
     Yet the lonesome waltz persists
Manipulated, the living fear
     What the half-dead might have missed
Singular breaths are useless
     As the darkness closes in
Skeletal mysteries shrouded in grey
          ask no further questions
:icongenidoxian:Genidoxian 1 4


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