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Here's the PM cosplay I wore Saturday at Acen 2012! :heart:

The wings are fully articulated (they move, extend, fold, and flap like real bird wings). They have a 12-foot wingspan, too! :heart: I'm thinking of making a tutorial or perhaps even opening up for commissions if enough people are interested~ :icontongueblush:
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Apr 28, 2012, 6:00:06 PM
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GORGEOUS!!! Do you have a tutorial on these? My fursona is a winged wolf and this is exactly what I want to make but I have no idea where to start O_O
HobbyFX's avatar
nice work!  :)
AngieWilson's avatar
Did you use bendable wire to make these wings able to move the way they do? :meow:
I'm interested cause my Fursona has wings and I'd love to make some for her! :hug:
pogoqueen's avatar
you still doing these? I would love to get one at one point
kayludwigchambers's avatar
those wings are absolutely beautiful and that is amazing cosplay! if you make a tutorial i'll watch it or you know start selling them i'll buy a pair because there just so amazing!
plzgaiasrebirth's avatar
a tutorial would be awesom, i would love to make myself a pair of black  or red ones to play a phoenix or crow myself or my friend^^
FimbuIvinter's avatar
Could you make a tutorial on how to make those wings? I need a pair of wings for a project and I can't find any good bases... :/
RandomRaveage's avatar
Just. Wow.

This is amazing, gahhhh <3
Bobbelebien's avatar
Ho my, i'd definetly love you forever if you make a tutorial on how made these wings ;u;

I also like the rest of the costume a lot, is the mask also hand made?
That is so unbelievably badass.
Bushitaka's avatar
Nice wings. :floating:
Similar like mine.
Wanna have a wingchat sometime?
Maybe we can learn from each other to perfect our skills :)
Napkinmouse's avatar
I agree with EVERYONE else.
I NEED a tutorial!!!
FluffyWendigo's avatar
This is fucking amazing, pleasepleaseplease do a tut on the wings!!!! They're damn amazing.
PhoenixFalconer's avatar
Holy mother of Thor.
Can you please make a tutorial? I have like hundreds of feathers in my basement waiting to be used. :)
Seriously, this is awesome. Your bird anatomy is practically spot-on as well!
Baihu's avatar
Tutorial for the wings! Please please please! This is a boon for me! I didn't know if what I wanted for my winged cosplay was possible and you did it!
Ebonlake's avatar
GloveHead's avatar
WORDS...! They fail to convey how absolutely amazing you look.. If I could 'fav' it twice, that wouldn't be enough. Well done
Astrick-maple's avatar
Oh wow, this is sooo gooood... What did you use for the skeleton?
SuperSonic3's avatar
i saw the video and must ask when you closed the wings did they close smoothly, i seen videos where they close they looked a bit ovely messy... and how did you attack the feathers ^^;
InsertAwsomeUser's avatar
Tutorial & commissions?
Penguins-VS-Lemurs26's avatar
...I screamed.

<333333 ahfdvikjdgsldnljfkjdsdjhfdc omg omg WONDERFUL!!
ChimeraDitto's avatar
tutorial! we all want it

and you should open commissions! you bet lazy people (like me) will rather pay you for these amazing things
than risk to make them wrong ;u;"
Giruveganus's avatar
Good dog, best costume. :iconiloveitplz:
dbzluver9000's avatar
omc so amazing there are no words to describe it
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