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The Summer Before: Rose's Story
Rose Gable's abilities began to significantly manifest themselves at the age of twelve. The bright-eyed, red headed child had always been somewhat fey, so her parents kept her very sheltered from an early age. It was no real surprise then, when she began asking her parents why they were "blue" colored and how did she make her "bubble" stay still.
Her parents knew then that their only daughter should go to the Death Weapon Meister Academy for the schooling of her abilities, but they couldn't bear to send her away. Rose was a delicate child of a nervous disposition who was very sweet-natured, but scared easily. Her parents decided it wouldn't hurt to wait a few years. That is, until the events of her fourteenth Summer.
Rose pushed herself slowly on the swing in her backyard garden, listening to her friend Jenna speak with a serious expression on her face. Jenna was one of two friends she had, children of her parents' friends.
"So you see what I mean?" Jenna finished with frustration, rip
:icongenevevex:GeneveveX 0 0
On Relationships Ch 9: Pensivity
The next evening, Death the Kid found himself in his study again. This time, however, the door was firmly locked against interruptions. It was important that he get down to the bottom of what was currently happening. Possibly his father knew, but as usual he wasn't giving up any information, preferring that Kid learn things on his own whenever possible.
Regardless, it meant Kid had to spend quality time with a stack of dusty old books and scrolls.
He turned his attention to the old book open before him, a heavy and boring piece that tried its best to document what little was known about the Elder Gods. It was disappointingly thin, made worse that at least half of it was written in a language unknown to anyone. Kid found himself reading the margin notes of Reapers past trying to make sense out of the mystery of the book. They hadn't seemed to have any more luck than he was having.
Staring at the indecipherable pages, Kid found his thoughts drifting elsewhere. Back to the night before. B
:icongenevevex:GeneveveX 7 10
Mature content
On Relationships Ch 8: All the Way :icongenevevex:GeneveveX 4 2
On Relationships Ch 7: Deeper
It had been a bad day for Elizabeth Thompson. It seemed as though everything she did turned out wrong somehow, and the day simply wasn't going as planned. So, towards the end of the day when she found herself alone with Kid again, she was still decidedly grumpy.
"Hey," Liz said, coming into the study and flopping on one of the cushioned chairs.
Kid looked up from the book he had been immersed in, "Hello there." He then went back to his book.
Liz looked at him sourly. After a few moments of silence, her bad temper finally got the best of her. "So you can't even kiss me when Patty's looking?"
Kid looked up from his book again. "Of course I can. It's just that you usually seem focused on things a bit more advanced than kissing," he replied levelly, in his usual deadpan manner.
"Yeah, but I promised I'd slow down last time, right?"
"This is true," he smiled, closing his book and setting it within a drawer, so as to leave the desk-top clear. His eyes took on a shine. "Though I still have to
:icongenevevex:GeneveveX 4 0
On Relationships Ch 6: Impatience
The two of them were alone again, but Kid didn't seem to feel this was any cause for celebration. In fact, in Liz's eyes, he didn't seem to think it was cause for any action at all. Liz, however, felt that Kid was passing up a rare opportunity to further their relationship. Though certainly not in those exact words. Since all other avenues of getting Kid's attention had thus far failed, she decided to try a different tactic.
So, when Kid passed her on his way to the hall, she grabbed his arm and smeared some whipped cream on his face, then licked it off his cheek with a giggle. Kid froze in terror, then began scrubbing his face wildly.
"WHAT WAS THAT FOR! Now I'm dirty! You didn't have to do that in order to get my attention, Liz!"
"Sorry," Liz apologized, still smirking.
"You should be! What if I, for some completely unknown reason, had suddenly felt the desire to smother your face with hot mozzarella and marinara sauce? I don't think you'd find it nearly so funny!"
"No, that would be
:icongenevevex:GeneveveX 4 0
On Relationships Ch 5: Awkward Love
"So... what kinds of things would you say in private?" Liz asked archly as they suddenly found themselves alone together in the manor's main living room. Patty was spending the night with Tsubaki and Lord Death was having some sort of all-night meeting at the school, which left Liz and Kid on their own.
"What would I say? Er... I..." Kid cleared his throat as he looked down at where she sat on the sofa. "Perhaps I would mention that the blue shade of your eyes often calms my soul. If I were to... say that sort of thing..." He looked away awkwardly.
Liz sat forward and took his hand. "I think that would be a very nice thing to say."
Kid blushed, "Yes, well." He cleared his throat again and looked at the pattern on the sofa behind her. Trying to think of something more to say, his mind suddenly recalled something Soul had stated a few days earlier about her. "...Erm... It wouldn't be terribly romantic if I were to also state that you have an 'awesome rack,' would it?"
Liz smiled enthusia
:icongenevevex:GeneveveX 4 0
On Relationships Ch 4: Cookies and Symmetry
Patty huffed as she came into the kitchen, spotting Kid. "Kid, when are you going to kiss Liz already? She won't stop going on and on and on about it..."
"I'm waiting for the right moment, Patty!" Kid huffed back, clearly annoyed by her forwardness, "A first kiss must be special, a magical moment; and that priceless moment has not arrived as of yet! I cannot accept any less!"
Patty rolled her eyes. "So? Just kiss her and get it over with, okay? Maybe squeeze her butt or something while you're at it. She liked that with one of her ex-boyfriends. Hey, are those the cookies that Crona made? Can I have some?"
Kid sputtered awkwardly at the comment about grabbing Liz's butt. "Wh-wh-HOW DARE YOU! That sort of thing is none of your business, Patricia! ... And, yes, you may have a cookie if you wish."
Patty helped herself to a cookie, grinning at Kid. "Yeah, well. I just wanted to let you know."
"Liz!" Death the Kid's voice rang out throughout the Gallows Manor, accompanied by the pounding of
:icongenevevex:GeneveveX 3 0
On Relationships Ch 3: Bait and Switch
"Yo, Kid," Patty called from her sprawl on the couch. "What's the next mission?"
Liz glanced up from across the room where she was reading a magazine for his response.
"Now that you mention it, Patty, I believe we can continue with our previous mission to hunt the demon Saul. With Digit returned, we should be able to continue using her as bait for the spirit in question." He looked upset at this. "Ugh. Bad choice of words. Well, you know what I mean."
Patty giggled. "But she IS bait. And it works really well. Liz and I used to use the bait-and-switch all the time."
"Mm-hmm," Liz made an agreeable sort of noise from behind her magazine. "There was also the lost-sister routine. That one was great with tourists." Liz's voice was slightly muffled from her magazine.
Patty grinned. "That one was fun! Oh! And the fire-escape shuffle!"
Kid's eyebrows rose curiously though his eyes remained half-lidded. "The fire escape shuffle?" he repeated, already knowing he probably shouldn't have asked.
:icongenevevex:GeneveveX 6 0

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Just wanted to let everyone know of the new arrival of my son, Isaac. He was born on Friday, July 13th--7lbs, 4oz. Healthy and happy.

I'm still going through recovery right now, so I will be scarce for a while still.

My husband and I are still really hurting financially. If you are able and interested in helping, stop by my shop: Oddments and Tweaks and pick up some stuff. Random donations, of course, are always appreciated and helpful ( send via paypal to email address ). Or, you could commission my super-talented husband for some art work. Check out his gallery here: QuestiontheMajority.

His commission prices are as follows:

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Original Planet Z Comic Pages:
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