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Tawna's wumpa growth 1,5 by Wandering Flames

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By Genev89   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: July 7, 2019
© 2019 - 2020 Genev89
Fanart involing Tawna, she is 18+.
Suggested by me, drawn by
Next parts will come in the future

Feel free to add this to your Favourites, Watch me, and Explore the gallery to see more girls growing and bursting from their footwear!

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"Damn my shoes are killing my feet, what is happening?"
Streeetch streeetch riiiiip shriiiip
"My shirt! Has been broken at the back! I feel mu arms and spine....longer? Wait is my whole body growing too? Ouch! My feet"
"Am i going to be not only sexy but way taller? Damn my shoes are so tight and my feet were already big.... Wow i think im going to be really big if my feet are starting to grow like this!"
Groooaan bulge bulge streeeeetch
"My feet should be already a size 47 against my 44 size shoes.....ooooh look at them my toes are growing so mouch theybare curling and making the shoes bulging at the fronts. Oh i can feel them reshaping, becoming bigger, longer and thicker."
"Whoooo my hips and ass grew another time, my pants are going to be oblitarated. Wow my feet are stretching the shoes over their limits. Theybare growing even more! They are getting not only longer but wider and thicker too! I can see clearly my toes deforming the fronts of the shoes! I think i reached size 50 feet! Whooo my legs are spurting a lot finally!"
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I would like to see her shoes burst out!.