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Hello, I'm Faye.
I'm a cosplayer and I look like a girl. But that is not how I'm feeling.
I don't make "female" Versions of characters.
Please accept this!

Favourite Movies
FFVII: AC, Matrix 1,The Road to El Dorado, Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Terminator 2, Kondom des Grauens, TombRaider, Traumschiff Surprise, Schuh des Manitu,....
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek: TNG, Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, Dexter, ...
Favourite Books
Star Trek Romane, I Q, Wonderful Wonder World, One Piece, Angel Sanctuary, RoyalDollOrchestra, Kuroshitsuji, Trinity Blood, ....
Favourite Writers
Kaori Yuki, Sergej Lukianenko
Favourite Games
FFVII(PSone), KH(PS2), FF7:DoC(PS2), Daedalic Entertainment Games (PC), Syberia I + II (PS2), Tomb Raider
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Cosplay and Friends

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Thank you so much for the watch! :iconspazhugplz:
Danke fürs watchen! ^^
schon cool wenn die Nachricht hast das GenesisRhapsodos dich beobachtet ^^
Gerngeschehen, obwohl ich mich ja für die tollen Bilder bedanken muss ^^
:blush:  Danke... ^^
The web is changing, I can see it in the pages, and I can read it in the words. Much that once was is lost for none who ‘Thanks For The Fave’ now remember it. It began with the forming of the pages. Three were given the writers, wisest in words and all that was literature. Seven to the masons who master in all architects, nine to the mortal painters who were elite in strokes of detail and all that was color in life. But they were all deceived for there was another page made. In the land of Windows deep in heart of Java Script the dark and evil homosapien known as I. R. Baboon created in secreted a page that would control all the others, it was known as The Site. In this Site he poured his Greed, Cruelty, Criticism and Censorship on all life. One Site To Govern Them All. One by one the free pages of Cyberspace fell to the power of The Site but there were some that resisted. A last alliance of Writers and Painters marched against the armies of Windows and there on the slopes Java Script they fought for the freedom of Cyberspace. Victory was near but the power of The Site could not be undone. I.R decimated the armies of Writer and Painters. In a desperate effort King Sotira charged the dark and evil homosapien known as I. R. Baboon but his efforts were in vane as I.R. with one blow crushed the King’s body. Sotira felt is life fading and it was in this moment while I.R. watched with great pleasure as King Sotira life slip away that Prince Angelo son of King Sotira cried out in anguish and took up his brush and smote the hand of I.R. that held The Site. I.R. the enemy of the free people of Cyberspace was defeated. The Site had now fell to Prince Angelo. King Scott pleaded to the prince to cast The Site back in the depths of Java Script but Prince Angelo had other plans for he would turn The Script into paint that would create many beautiful deviations that many would favor and in return the Prince would rule dominion over Cyberspace, for power of The Site knows only to corrupt the hearts of those who wield it. King Scott thought of this as madness and drew his sword but power of The Site was no match for the King as he was flung and fell into the nothingness that was Java Script. Banished for taking the life of his comrade in alliance. The Prince sought refuge in the mountains. For one thousand years he was given unnatural long life and The Site had poisoned his mind and in the end it caused his death when he had defended it from being taken from him. The Site for years had no barer and was lost in time and then became myth. Soon there were whispers of a darkness gathering in Windows. An old evil returning, people claimed to have seen a mechanical Doctor and a hulking giant known as a General. Their eyes fixed on a land known as Gotham where in the mountains a legendary relic may lay.