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X-men: Occult Heroes

Uhh... I wrote most of the info I want to reveal now on there. So I guess I don't have much more to say here.

That will be all.
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Hergman's avatar
love "wolverine" hair
trogdorboy's avatar
I'm guessing Skadi's based on Emma Frost? Not sure about Wilbur though.
Hard to read some of the backstories.
Love the marvel meets hellboy theme!
MarkTemporis's avatar
Puts me in mind of a Mike Mignola series.
timpu's avatar
looking really good.
wonderful idea and work, mate.
ogrebear's avatar
I think this is the best of your 'Turn of the Century' series. Though I think a Crossover between them might change my mind....*grin*

Brilliant work.
hyaenid's avatar
This is an awesome reconstruction. I particularly like Scott and Bobby's transformations.
genesischant's avatar
Thanks, I like the changes to Cyclops the best, too. I think that it might make him a little more than the team's uptight jerk (a role that is unfairly thrust upon a pretty cool character.)
kamikamiya's avatar
Dang, and I thought the Marvel:1602 x men were cool! These are great! But I'm not sure who Skadi's based off of...
genesischant's avatar
She's the widest departure of all of them from the original. Would it help if I told you this is the original 5 plus Wolverine? I wanted a greater range in gender and age, so I altered both in her case...
kamikamiya's avatar
Ah Ha! I got it! Thanks!
HanyouHanto's avatar
Goodness gracious! It's the League of Extraordinary Gentle-x-men! XD How terribly clever!
Mamath's avatar
Basilisk! Genius. :D
genesischant's avatar
Thank you! I knew I wanted to change the way Cyclops worked. He was the first X-man I converted.
Christian-Lee's avatar
I love them all but especially Skadi. I want to read comics about her. Steampunk x-men FTW!
genesischant's avatar
Me too, man! The Marvel folks need to pick up on this!
RevisionOfLines's avatar
Wow. This is well executed and very clever! It's nice to see a different version of them.
genesischant's avatar
Thanks! You are too kind.
bbittner's avatar
Love it.

Here's another idea, though obvious.

A clockpunk automaton brought to life by Rasputin, who he simply named "Pitor"
genesischant's avatar
That's a pretty great idea. Pyotr, maybe? I like the clockwork golem concept.
bbittner's avatar
Yeah, I forgot the correct spelling.
James-GF's avatar
Wow, this is absolutely AWESOME, both in concept and in execution!
Dammit, now I want to read a book staring this cast! ;)
genesischant's avatar
Hey, thanks! I do wish someone would draw this as a comic. I will admit to having some ideas as to directions it should take... I still haven't drawn up any villains, hmm.
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