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Turn of the Century X-men

Turn of the Century Occult Hero X-men.

I've taken a shake at the original team before, [link] , and here's an expanded roster with a ton of fan favorites. Would you believe it that I forgot about Storm entirely until I was almost done?

Professor Charles Excalibur formed his Paranatural Persons League in late 1900, though it had its roots earlier in 1896 (a year after the accepted beginning of the so-called ' paranatural wave' ) when he began gathering individuals with paranatural abilities under the guise of a preparatory academy. These days his Paranatural Persons League have become a highly controversial player on the world stage, as governments struggle to deal with the increased paranatural activity and associated backlash.
Excalibur founded his group to protect, research, and train paranaturals-- and to work towards a world where they can live alongside their mundane human brothers and sisters.

5.Charles Excalibur, professor of the Moral Sciences, notorious Occultist, accomplished Mesmerist.
Growing up in England, Excalibur became an cavalry officer in the British Army in the footsteps of his father. After the loss of his legs in the Crimean War, Excalibur turned his prodigious intellect to more esoteric pursuits, delving into the study of all manner of forbidden and occult knowledge. It was during this time that he met Erich Eisenhardt, the man who would eventually become the anarchist labor organizer known as 'Lodestone'. They were fast friends and intellectual equals, and it was in this period of time that both Eisenhardt and Excalibur formed the basis of their respective political and personal philosophies. After a terrible falling-out, Excalibur left the Continent for America, settling in upstate New York. There he continued his studies and formed the Excalibur Preparatory Academy and Finishing School which would yield the first members of his Paranatural Persons League. He chose the code-names for the members himself, to protect their identities and the the reputations and well-being of their families.

1.Annette Marie, daughter of a prominent southern family, afflicted with dread Vampirism.
Miss Marie was always a model child for her doting parents, and when she began to take ill they were beside themselves with worry. Every day seemed to find her weaker, and though she slept more and more each day, it seemed she was drifting further and further away. Finally, one night she simply vanished from her house never to return. Annette Marie had been visited in the night by a creature known to the Romanians as a Strigoi. This supernatural beast sucked away the vitality of the girl, turning her into a Strigoi herself. It was an unlikely thing that she survived at all in any form, but her Strigoi captor (An ancient thing calling itself 'The Mystique' ) cared for her and raised her as a sort of daughter. Miss Marie lived this way, slowly giving in to her predatory instincts, until a chance meeting with Professor Excalibur's team convinced her to try another path.

2. Reynard Beauchamp, inveterate gambler, thief, and all-around rascal blessed with supernaturally good luck.
Beauchamp was born on a particularly auspicious day, the seventh son of a seventh son. He learned early on that his luck was extraordinary, and to say that he pressed that luck is an understatement. In the absence of consequences, he's lived a life as wanton and dangerous as one could imagine. Unfortunately, Beauchamp came to realize that consequences could still find those around him. His charmed life would not protect others. And so he found himself joining Professor Excalibur's little club, to try and do the right thing for once.

3. Jenny Grey Worth, a Medium of the highest order.
Mrs. Worth (née Grey) was a young girl when the spirits began to visit her. At first it was exhilarating, but then she began being menaced by a powerful spirit calling itself the ' Phoenix'. She spent the next few years of her life being treated by various specialists with no success whatsoever. It was only when she was introduced to Professor Excalibur at (friend of the family) Wilbur Worth's estate that she finally found someone to teach her how to control her abilities and close out unwanted entities. Mrs. Worth is still a formidable spirit medium and commands the spirits of the earth and air with a natural grace. Her powers continue to grow as she studies their use.

4.Scot Sumner, cursed to destroy anything he looks upon.
Scot Sumner's father was a hard man, and often cruel. It was this unthinking arrogance that brought his end, when he casually evicted a dying old witch-woman from her small plot of land without a moment's hesitation or pity. In her last breath the witch-woman cursed his only son, that everything he should gaze upon would turn to ash before his eyes. So it was that Scot destroyed his father, his mother, and his home in eerie smokeless flame. Scot chose blindness and homelessness after this tragedy, rather than bring destruction on all that he witnessed. When Excalibur found the boy, he raised him as his own, and his story inspired the school and league that followed.

6. Wilbur Worth III (deceased), an ectoplasmic apparition corresponding to Swedenborg's eighth degree.
Worth was the recent heir of his family's fortune when he met the troubled Jenny Grey. They married soon after Professor Excalibur (who was staying with him at the time) began working with her. Some time later, Worth was suddenly and mysteriously murdered in his home. The trauma of his death caused him to return as a ghost, though it also erased his memory of the events that led to it. He has grown increasingly distant from his wife in recent years, and his need to solve his murder has become an obsession. It's likely the only thing keeping him tethered to this world.

7. Buniq (Bunny) Excalibur, a Snowchilde, a child's soul brought back in a body of snow and ice.
Buniq was born to her Inuit parents several decades ago. She was the center of their world, and when she failed to come home one day, they were devastated. Buniq had wandered away from the village and a blizzard had made her hopelessly lost. Soon she succumbed to the bitter cold. But it seems that even the pitiless gods of winter can be moved by grief, because she was sent back from the halls of the dead in a body made of living snow, a body that could never age. She continued to live with her parents, caring for them in their old age until they died. If Professor Excalibur had not found her then, she might have walked out north, walked back to those sunless halls. Thankfully, he gave her a reason to keep living on.

8. Dr. Harold McCoy, Medical doctor who is slowly transforming into a supernatural monster.
McCoy was a respected doctor in the New England area when local police came across several vials of blood that had been stored in the basement of a university for several years. As McCoy was a preeminent expert in the area, the vials were brought to him for examination. In a tragic laboratory accident, the blood from the vials infected McCoy, progressively altering his anatomy and mental processes. McCoy has since bent his mind and skills towards stalling or curing this process, a goal that inevitably led him to Professor Excalibur's little collective.

9. Catherine Proud, a maid taught secrets of the Fair Folk.
The Proud family had always served in the houses of the wealthy and well-to-do, and Catherine was no different. Sadly, her master and mistress did not treat her well, and her shy and reserved nature only encouraged their abuse. The large, rambling, and understaffed mansion they owned also housed an ancient brownie named Lockweed. One particularly bad occasion, the master and mistress locked Catherine in the cellar. Lockweed, though a curmudgeonly old elf, took pity on the girl and took her under his wing. He taught her the art of walking the hidden paths of the world so that no locked door could ever hold her captive again (anything except cold-wrought iron, antithetical to such magic). More free than she'd ever been in her life, Miss Proud traveled to America and soon joined the League.

10. Pyotr, an animated bronze casting.
Pyotr was the culmination of decades of work by the Czar's resident mystic, Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin's vision of a new man for a new age led him to use his forbidden arts to invest a creature of bronze with the breath of life. He imagined that Pyotr would lead his automaton armies against his enemies. Unfortunately for Rasputin, Pyotr wasn't the fearsome warrior he'd anticipated, but a gentle soul with a poet's heart. Rasputin discarded him in disgust, and Pyotr found his way to Excalibur's door.

11.Lucan, a mysterious man with a mysterious past.
--explained pretty well elsewhere--

12.Oya Monroe, a powerful practitioner of Vodoun magic.
Mama Oya met Excalibur on a expedition he made to the Caribbean to study the syncretic magical systems that had sprung from years of Colonial rule. She was a young girl, but her exceptional abilities as a horse of the powerful loa Shango had made her an object of much veneration. The authorities began to fear her increasing sway of the people, and hatched a plot to discredit and murder her. Excalibur's help in saving her life earned him her respect and led to her joining the League.
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I just realized now that Buniq Excalibur might be based on the Ice-Man if he were adapted into the Turn of the Century.
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i hope you do squirrel girl,or how i would call her,lady rodent.
Now MAYBE I'm reading too deeply into this, but its only because I really really really love this idea.

That said, I was wondering what you mean when you say that Jenny Grey has control over "spirits of the earth and air"?

How do Titania's powers here reflect Jean Grey's powers in the actual X-Men? Instead of using telekinesis, does she use the power of the spirits to blow strong winds or hurl boulders from the ground or something to that effect? Or have you chosen to go a different route entirely with her abilities?

I am quite curious :O
genesischant's avatar
I felt that the 'spirit medium' approach was the appropriate turn of the century occult counterpart to the very 1960s-era psychic powers.  My version of the character communes with spirits to produce effects similar to the original's telekinesis.  A bonus to this is that the Phoenix being is explained quite naturally as an especially powerful spirit possession.

Edwardian spiritualism is a fascinating subject, and I've made extensive use of it in my Occult Hero reimaginings.
Axe-Canabrava's avatar
I'd like to say, my favorites here are Scot and Oya. The former because you really brought home how Cyclops feels about his powers, and the latter because African diaspora syncretism is something close to me, and it makes me smile whenever someone brings it up reasonably accurately.
Is that a claw on Lucan's hand, or is he holding some sort of hook?
genesischant's avatar
That is a longshoreman's hook, a tool used by dockhands to move cargo. It's also Lucan's weapon of choice, a replacement for Wolverine's iconic claws.
Now that is a pretty awesome idea :D

It makes me wonder, do you perhaps intend to revisit this particular series at some point in the future? :O  

I only ask because out of all of your (phenomenal) re-imagined superhero lines, this Turn-Of-The-Century Occult one is easily my absolute favorite. Especially for the X-Men characters!
genesischant's avatar
I'd love to do more of these, and I may do an updated version sometime.  I'd need a reason to revisit the series, and I'm sure I could find one.
Sweeeeeeeeeeet :D I'll be eagerly anticipating!
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very old fashioned
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I found this while looking for stuff to put in my group, this isn't the type of stuff that's put in my group but I did put it in my favorites.
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Wow, design of the X-men are more impressive and badass Victorian style!
genesischant's avatar
Thanks! I love an opportunity to reinterpret established characters through a radically different perspective. I like to think that it breathes new life into the solid concepts that made the originals into icons. It's hard to see what you're used to, but when you repackage it, suddenly the character and story dynamics shine through!
Axe-Canabrava's avatar
I know this is an old comment, but:

I think one of the reasons why these redesigns are so successful is that they anchor the characters to a specific era's sensibilities. Every superhero is a product of its time, but serialization has obscured the relationship, and many elements that lost their purpose still persist as artifacts. Rooting the characters in time makes them more coherent and allows their strong elements to resurface.
MonoSheep's avatar
You're welcome, you did a really good job on it and I hope you keep up with it because what you did is remarkable!
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i love it. especially the variance in the characters powers. even though some you could tell who they are, others you have to think about.

adeo mori servus imperator fictus. ave dominus nox!
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Damn. Stellar work here and I'm also diggin' yer other redesigns! Kudos.
lafemmerouge's avatar
<3 Reminds me of League of extraoridnary gents! <3
genesischant's avatar
Thanks, I am a big fan of the series.
Red-Rum-18's avatar
I just noticed that the number of letters in 'Paranatural Persons League' is 24, and "X" is the 24th letter of the alphabet. Was this intentional?
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DUDE! SOMEONE SHOULD WRITE A FIC BOUT THIS, maybe involving other Marvel guys also
Red-Rum-18's avatar
Rasputin had a daughter named Maria. Maybe she can be your version of Magik?
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