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Sengoku Avengers: Nick Fury



The final character in my reimagining of Marvel's Avengers as Sengoku-era Japanese heroes. This has been a fun series, and I plan on putting together a group picture with some notes on the little details of the characters and my process making them, so check that out later if you want.

Nick Fury is reimagined as 'Furukawa'.

The Tate-ryuu-- a shadowy group that backs the current bakufu government. It operates at all levels of society, with agents infiltrating and monitoring everything from the criminal elements to the Shogun's own household. The head of this secret clan is an enigma himself, a man known to his subordinates and enemies as Furukawa.

Naoki Furukawa is a true spymaster, author of a thousand devilish schemes, the indestructible figure that controls the feared Tate-ryuu. He keeps and trains birds to deliver orders to his operatives throughout Japan. He is rarely seen without Hiruko-- the pigeon he entrusts with the most important missives, and Kou-- an owl he's trained to intercept rivals' messenger fowl.
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Love it. But where is Coulson?