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Sengoku Avengers: Loki



This time we have a villain in the Sengoku Avengers-verse (Marvel's Avengers as characters from Sengoku era Japan.)

Loki is reimagined as 'Kagami'.

The man known as Kagami is truly the god of fire, Kagu-tsuchi, youngest son of the gods Izanagi and Izanami. His birth was difficult and his mother died. In a blind rage his father struck off the child's head.

Being a divine personage, Kagu-tsuchi recovered. However, he thereafter held a burning grudge in his heart against his father and all of Creation. When the opportunity presented itself, he stole the sacred mirror and used its power to transmit himself to the mortal world. There he used tricks and godly magics to sow chaos, using the mocking pseudonym Lord Kagami (a name which means 'mirror', but is written as 'fire god').

The gods elected to send Kagu-tsuchi's older brother Raijin after him to put an end to his brother's plot of destruction. The two siblings are destined to clash in a battle between immortals that will rage across the islands of Japan.
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so what kind of spear is loki using cause it looks cool as shit