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Sengoku Avengers: Iron Man



A new series I'll be working on here and there- Marvel's Avengers reimagined as Japanese warring-states period heroes.

Iron Man is reimagined as 'Tetsu-jin'.

Tetsuya Suzaku was born into a rich and powerful merchant family (though they had bought their way into a samurai house some years back). The Suzaku family owned mining interests as well as a variety of businesses that utilized the resources those mines produced. Weapons and armor were of particular interest to the brilliant young heir to the family name, and he voraciously studied the latest designs and barbarian technologies.

The fame and fortune of the Suzaku name increased due to his early adoption of new techniques and innovations. His personality and lifestyle ballooned with success, and his wild behavior led to a rift in the Suzaku family. A bloody attempt by a family faction to kidnap Tetsuya and force him reveal his new gunpowder formula forced him to change his outlook. He escaped the mine he was held in by building a suit of armor and weapons from strange materials he found in the mine depths.

Now he fights for his own philosophy of justice with a razor keen wit and the latest advancements in arms and armor.
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Looks like Kikuchiyo from Samurai 7