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Sengoku Avengers: Hulk



Further example of my particular brand of madness-- the 'Sengoku Avengers'-- Marvel's Avengers reimagined as Japanese warring-states era heroes.

The Hulk is reimagined as 'Kaibutsu'.

Nobu Tsubana was a promising young onmyouji in the court of a powerful lord. When news spread of a terrible demon making trouble in the land, Tsubana was among those dispatched to exorcise it. The encounter with the mighty oni went awry, proving too much for any of the sorcerers and priests to handle, and Tsubana was forced to seal the creature inside his own body as a last resort.

Now Tsubana lives as a wandering outcast, for the demon within him will wake if he does not constantly keep his emotions controlled. When the oni stirs within him, he loses his grasp on his sanity as his body and mind both grow more monstrous. He uses meditation and specially prepared seals to keep himself from transforming into a monster.

Now he travels the roads of Japan, applying his skills as an onmyouji where they are needed, and battling fearsome youkai and kami attracted by the strong spiritual presence of the slumbering demon. Needless to say, only a fool would provoke his ire.
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"私を怒らせないでください。 私が怒っているとき、あなたは私を好きではないでしょう。"

Japanese translation of "Don't make me angry.  You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."