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Sengoku Avengers: Captain America



Marvel's Avengers reimagined as legendary heroes of Japan's Sengoku era.

Captain America is reimagined as 'Taishou'.

Shin Raijou was a sickly child of a low-level samurai bureaucrat, and was confined to his bed for much of his early years. He might have lived out his life in anonymity if he hadn't been present for a martial arts demonstration by a master swordsman. The young boy was enthralled, and afterwards begged the swordsman to take him on as a pupil.

The master refused, but Raijou went to his house where he found employment as a servant. He performed household chores faithfully for two years before finally being accepted as the old master's only student. He studied diligently, and his innate martial talent was revealed. After teaching all he knew, the old man was killed as the result of anti-bakufu treachery.

Raijou would spend the next decade as a soldier in the long and bloody unification conflict, distinguishing himself time and again as a sword prodigy and tactical genius. After the final battle, he disappeared, leaving the battlefield behind. He spent several years in solitude but now he's found a new sort of battle, to protect the people of the land and the honor of Japan.

Raijou favors a peculiar style of fighting that incorporates a steel-reinforced parasol. It sometimes serves as a non-lethal alternative to a sword, and sometimes is used in tandem with a sword.
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