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Sengoku Avengers: Black Widow and Hawkeye



The penultimate entry in this series of Marvel's Avengers translated into Japanese warring-states period heroes. This is a double-feature, because I'm using the movie version of the team as a basis for this project. The movie grouped these two and gave them roughly the same weight as the big guys who had their own lead-in movies.

Black Widow is reimagined as 'Kumo'.
Hawkeye is reimagined as 'Takajyou'.

'Kumo' is the code-name for the deadly ninja spy, Natsuko Iruma. Iruma was raised from birth in a brutal shinobi clan. She was trained to be an expert kunoichi, willing to kill or die at command. She was eventually assigned to infiltrate the court of the Shogun to destroy the shogunate from the inside.

The man known as 'Takajyou' was born Kin Obata. Obata was an orphan from a remote region of Japan, raised by bandits. His archery skills are without equal, easily able to fire off several shots at great range with pinpoint accuracy. He was the leader of a small gang until the day he was defeated and recruited by the spymaster of the Tate-ryuu.

It was here that Iruma came to the attention of the mysterious leader of the shogun's secret guard. Impressed with her superb skills, Iruma was given the option of joining. Fighting years of conditioning, she agreed to join, in large part due to her budding relationship with a fellow recruit, Takajyou.

Both now work for the fearsome Tate-ryuu, living and fighting in the shadows.
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This is a really unique idea, I love it!! ^.^