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Jazz Age Justice League

Yes, this one is a bit different.

DC's Justice League of America as a 1920's crime-busting team.

You'll notice that I chose to use the Animated Universe version of the team-- I did it because I love the series, and because in my opinion they do a great job of making a well-balanced ensemble out of what in the comics is a difficult to manage rotating roster.

The J.L.A. is a borderline legal bounty-hunter/vigilante group with limited governmental sanction ("Department of Justice Licensed Agency"). Made up of individuals from various walks of life, all are committed to the take-down of the rising criminal empires that threaten America.

Shayera "Hawk" Hol
Former nightclub singer, onetime Gun moll for the infamous Hawk Gang, run by the ruthless immigrant-turned-gangster Katar Hol. Now she lends her vocal talent, crime world contacts, and mean lever-action shotgun to the fight. No dumb Dora, this bearcat is tops.

Jon "Manhunter" Jones
Gumshoe extraordinaire, master of a hundred disguises. A real palooka in the flesh, he's an outsider by nature. This hard-boiled P.I. is the real McCoy.

Bruce "the Bat" Wayne
Parents murdered by criminals, he's devoted his life and considerable fortune to their eradication. A wet blanket at times, but the Darb has the dough!

Clark "Boyscout" Kent
Kansas farmboy moves to the big city, becomes investigative reporter. The ostensible leader of the crew, his aw-shucks charm belies a powerful mind and body. This big six is real keen.

Diana "Princess" Prince
Sent to an upscale all-girl boarding school for most of her childhood, now she's a budding starlet on the silver screen. A jane with a strong sense of justice and the star power to make things happen. This Hollywood It-girl is no push-over.

Wally "Flash" West
A sheik for the shebas, he lives to go fast. A somewhat-ex-bootlegger and the team driver, he gets them going when they need to get. A drugstore cowboy but in a jalopy he's just ducky.

John "the Green" Stewart
Former soldier with the 369th Harlem Hellfighters in the War, and a talented jazz musician. After being framed for murder by some rough characters, he joined on with the J.L.A. to give organized crime the bum's rush out of his city. This swell fella has got the goods.
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This here's the bees knees!
Neville6000's avatar
Love it-all I can imagine is a ragtime piano version of the Justice League Unlimited to accompany these guys and gals. Great work.
stabkamay's avatar
the green lantern looks like sammy davis
ReptileGirl06's avatar
This was a great concept! I also love the little mini backstories you gave!
katrover's avatar
Wow!  Someone make an Elseworlds series about this!
L1701E's avatar
Cool take on the Big Seven! I'd love to see a "Second Wave" of Leaguers, like Green Arrow, Firestorm, Zatanna, and the Atom.
Golarge75's avatar
and allll that JaaZZ. that jazz.
M0nkey5's avatar
Comickook's avatar
VERY good fanart and info.
ShellH's avatar
My bff sent this to me and I love it. I would pick one thing but it's all awesome. Though I am trying to picture Bart Allen in this world. Especially as Impulse. :D

Have you thought of submitting it to the #Superhero-club group here on DA?


They accept all things superhero. :D
nemryn's avatar
It's interesting how Wayne's backstory is still pretty much the same here. (Kent's too, if you ignore the whole 'last son of Krypton' thing.)

Do they still have powers and such, or is this a mundane version?
genesischant's avatar
One of the great joys in doing these is seeing the universality of certain themes, and their re-contextualization.

No powers. The idea was to only embellish reality as much as you could in the pastiche genre. This is a Jazz Age crimebuster team, so no superpowers, just fancy driving, quick shooting, and fast talking.
Bakelite-Alchemist's avatar
Speaking as someone who's been a Justice League fan since The Brave and the Bold days, I applaud your awesome homage. I've read all the Elseworlds JLA books and this is one era they missed, as far as I know.

Now I want to run a jazz-age Call of Chtulhu game and run these guys as the investigators.
abelundercity's avatar
It's the cat's pajamas, Jackson! This caper's the bee's knees, and how!
LadyBlue-Art's avatar
Batman with a gun? Absolutely not.

But I like the others.
Sekele's avatar
it was a different time
the whole "no guns" thing didn't start until the 50s
MyrkSuki's avatar
Still a pretty key aspect of Batman. Would be an n interesting aspect to design around.
Sekele's avatar
having a character who refuses to use guns in a gangster story would be interesting

but also rather difficult to pull off
MyrkSuki's avatar
And that's the point.

Though vanilla batman got around this with tech and boomerangs. Of which neither truly exist in the 20's. Depends on how far you stretch that imagination.

But still the point.
Kerevon's avatar
Actually, no. Vanilla Batman HAD a gun. [link]

People tend to forget that, but the original Batman had a gun, occasionally killed criminals, and was mostly an eccentric detective with a dark past. To say that Batman cannot and will not kill is to misunderstand his origins. It would be more accurate to say Batman cannot and will not go against Justice... though what form of justice is up to him.
blueflamebluerose's avatar
love wonder woman's flapper dress
HeroXero's avatar
I love what you did with John "The Green" Stewart.
GnarlyRockerchick's avatar
Haha this is so awesome.
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