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Jazz Age JLA Villains



Yes, this is Jazz Age Injustice League/Secret Society/Legion of Doom.

By the mid-1920's, Prohibition had created an extraordinarily profitable market for bootleg liquor. Those that profited from its sale grew incredibly powerful and much more organized. Major players emerged-- consolidating power and developing into massive enterprises with tendrils that reached from the deepest depths of the criminal underworld to the airy reaches of the highest elected offices in the land.

In secret, seven heads of powerful crime families began to meet. This Secret Society sought to avoid overlapping interests and to present a united front against those that would oppose them.

Joseph "Funny-man" Kerr
Gotham's prince of crime. A real nasty hood, a psychopath through and through. Scarred head to foot, with a ghastly complexion and a bone-chilling laugh. Once just a torpedo for the Gotham families, now he runs them all. The screwy fella slays, and not with his jokes.

Barbara Ann "The Cheetah" Minerva
The mad queen of the silver screen. One-time leading lady in moving pictures, she became wrapped up with some rough characters. Proving she had what it takes, she's now a boss running a handful of small Irish gangs. This smarty is liable to give you the icy mitt. Of death.

Sal "The Yellow" Sinistra
The child of an Italian father and a Negro mother, Sal's led a hard life. He was a former Harlem Hellraiser alongside John Stewart, and both were part of a hush-hush club called the "Lanterns" that sometimes conducted "extracurricular exercises" during the War. After coming back to the states, he created the Sinistra Family using the Lanterns as a model. A dangerous guy when he's not ossified on coffin varnish.

Leonard "Captain" Snart
The illegitimate son and heir of the late crime-boss of the Rogue crime family of Central City. He attended college with Wally "Flash" West, and was captain of the football team and a straight-A student until he was kicked out for bookmaking. Though he seems a bit of an Ethel, he actually lives by a strict code of rules. This daddy may seem like a piker, but he's got ice in his veins.

Lex "Don" Luthor
The Don of the incredibly powerful Luthor crime family, head of the Secret Society. Probably the most powerful man in America. He owns so many politicians and law enforcement agents, that he enjoys nearly absolute freedom from prosecution. His base of operations is Metropolis, where a star investigative reporter is beginning to really get him in a lather.

Morgaine "La Sorciere" Le Fey
The Madam of madams, Morgaine is a powerhouse amongst the bordello crowd. In addition to her very successful "Maison Le Fey", this doll takes a cut from scores of smaller houses of ill repute throughout the nation (and a few from over the border!) Her beauty is legendary, and her cruelty and ruthlessness no less so. She's no face-stretcher, but you'd best be wary of her wiles.

Katar "Hawk" Hol
Leader of the wild bank-robbing Hawk Gang. An immigrant who quickly learned the fastest way to make jack was with a gun. Shayera Hol was his wife until the gang got into drugs. The bird gave him an earful and split. The poor sap still wears the manacle.
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