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Chambara JLA: The Full Roster



Chambara Hero Justice League.

The sum of a fair amount of work, and a very fun project. I recommend reading the individual deviations if you haven't yet and are interested in the back-stories. I tried to include a lot of the themes and tropes of the jidaigeki heroes, while also staying true to the core elements of the various superfolk. There are lots of anachronisms in the designs and back-stories, but I'll claim that most of that is true to the genre.

I know my translations aren't always great, and I am not a certified expert on Japanese language or culture, I know enough of both to get myself into trouble. The romanization scheme is a mess, and I was totally inconsistant, haha. There are loads of hidden references in names and characters and what-not, some that I'm sure anyone could spot and others that will likely remain hopelessly obscure (because even I forgot what I was thinking).

The Team:

Fishman (Aquaman)
Chinese Mountain Monk (Martian Manhunter)
Lady Incredible 'Lady Hero' is a better translation... (Wonder Woman)
Steel Man (Superman)
Bat Demon Warrior (Batman)
Lightning Yuu (Flash)
Lantern Bearer (Green Lantern)

There is a ghost of a possibility that I might do a villain group deal, but only if there is a fair amount of interest. These, while fun, take a pretty long time to make!

EDIT: The download is big, but fun to compare design details.
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Man, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter are awesome! All great redesigns