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Chambara JLA: Superman

Chambara Hero Superman.

Part of my series of Chambara-style Justice League characters. To the uninitiated, Chambara is a kind of Japanese historical drama characterized by sword fights, an Edo-period setting, and over-the-top heroes and villains.

Chambara Superman is called 'Hagane Hito' (or Hito Hagane, it's meant to be treated as a proper name).

Kenta Kuraku is the adoptive son of elderly farmers from the Okayama region of Japan. He has the blood of dragons in his veins, and even as a baby possessed incredible strength. He would roam the forests and rivers of his home, wrestling wild animals and getting into mischief. His parents raised him well, and he grew into a man of pure spirit, noble grace, and fierce courage. He took up sword training at the behest of a local swordmaster, soon surpassing even his teacher. He uses a heavy ōdachi sword due to his prodigious strength.

Kenta was satisfied with his quiet life in the country until the summer strangers came to his town. The wealthy Lord Ryuzoji was traveling with his family to the capitol, and a glimpse of his beautiful daughter, Reina, through the screen of her kago would change everything for the young man. A week after she left, he gathered his few belongings and set off for Edo.

Kenta's innocent heart, sense of justice, and amazing abilities have caused him to be involved in many dangerous adventures, quickly convincing him to adopt a nickname while traveling to protect his family.
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Swifter than a flying arrow, mightier than a great tsunami, able to leap towering places in a single bound!
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You known there is a Elseworld story were the Justice League is in the medieval japan, of course, they don't have names, your draw is very good.
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Great and amazing work, sir. Have you got a version of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen in mind, too?
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This is very Good :)
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I love Superman, great job on this.
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THAT SNAKE! So awesome. The patterns on his clothes are mesmerizing. And Kenta... nice one.
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Thanks! I was getting a little too clever with myself, haha. It was such a disappointment when I couldn't come up with names that worked as well as this one.
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I think you came up with pretty cool names. I love that adaptation sort of stuff so I really appreciate the effort you must have put into all this!
I have to say, I love the whole concept of this series - I love Elseworlds, etc. and anything in this setting as well, so that's awesome. I just wanted to make a minor suggestion/observation - wouldn't a wooden sword be more suited to this character? From what I know, nearly every version of Superman abides by a strict "no-kill" rule, and using a steel blade would make it harder to do that. You could say it would even show greater skill on his part - he can win a fight without having to kill or seriously wound his opponent. I also recall several stories where master swordsmen were able to wield a wooden sword with greater effect than a respectably-skilled foe with a steel one, chief among them Miyamoto Musashi.

Anyway, this is just a thought - there may be something you had in mind that I'm not seeing.
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i think hthat no one sword could be able of be wielded by superman, the best option could be a kanabo.
Excellent art, and I love this project.

I'm not sure that I agree with the choice of dragon for dear ol' Supes -- I would think a celestial dragon would fit him better.
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I was mainly interested in making the "S" shape, so I'm afraid I didn't research my representation here much. How is the Celestial Dragon different? Is it closer to the Chinese-style dragon?
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the japanese dragon only have 3 claws, meanwhile the chinese have 5
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Oooooo, this is a fun take on it. Let me guess, he is either called 'The Steel Man' or 'The Supreme Man'. Either would be great.
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Indeed, he is Steel Man, in the same vein as the popular folk-hero Golden Boy.
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Amazing. Great concept and excellent desing. Keep working on them.
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I can't believe you managed to call him Clark Kent.
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In Swedish, Superman used to be "Stålmannen" - literally, The Steel Man :3

Very nice...
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Nice! Who's Next?
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I'm starting off with the big three, so Wonder Woman is next. I'm trying to get a solid angle on her, I've got lots of ideas, but I need to narrow things down.
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Remeber, Wonder Woman is a princess, so if she's human, the daughter of the Emperor or the Shogun would be the best.
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But she is expressedly a princess from far away... not of the country where they have adventures.
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