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Adventuring Party

It may come as a shocking surprise to you that I used to play D&D back in the day. Like so many others, my friends and I used to hole up in a basement for caffeine-fueled quests to defeat imaginary monsters and take their sweet loot. I was recently reminded of our oldest, longest running campaign, a legend among my friends to this day. Here are the characters that I remember.

Crazy Ramen was a gnomish rogue, constantly inventing things and stabbing other things.

Dor was a fearsome fighter, with her magical sword "Wave".

Leat was dwarvish fighter-cleric (I think), and spent most of his time trying to build an army one way or another.

Full Disclosure: My character was the lone female in the group, something I only ever did once, but that continues to embarrass me to this day. In my defense, she was bad-ass. And I was 14.

I spent nearly every session drawing while we played.
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No shame in playing a cross-gender character or D&D in general. Be proud of your geekiness!
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I will never be ashamed of my roleplaying days, but I am a bit embarrassed by my attempt at roleplaying a girl as a 14-year-old boy. She was pretty kickass, but her same-gender relationships were a tad indulgent.
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Fair enough. But please do more on the theme, I would like to see some action poses of these characters.
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MY problem is that i was the back story guy we used the dragon issue campaign trails i expanded on those... I had a lot of free time then.
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I almost always play the girls.
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Yeah, I wasn't very good at it. I mostly stuck to gnome fighters and elf wizards after that.
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All the girls played girls too.

I was the only one who played my character as chaste and demure.

Something felt very off about that.
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dude! this is awesome! the designs are really unique, and even though they DO give me the DnD vibe, it still feels pretty original.

funny thing, i've been dabbling in the DnD for a bit, and the first thing i did was draw each member of my party in 1x2" frames, printed them out and glued them on these stands i made for them in cardboard. now we have little character pieces we can use on the board.

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Awesome! Those are great. We used figurines mostly, or I might have thought to do the same thing.
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cool, love the Crazy Ramen design.
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Thanks! I did think the yellow was an inspired touch...
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I know the feeling of just drawing all the time during these things.
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My friend still has a folder with all our old character sheets in it, and a separate folder filled with my drawings from all those basement campaigns.
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Ahh, how nostalgia makes us hang onto those old sheets.
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