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Pokemon Journal.
June 8, 2013.
It was cold on top of that mountain, and it seemed like the silver snow would never end. My body had grown weak and my vision began to blur, but I refused to give in. Red just stood there silent, only ever jestering with his hands or nodding with his head. He was the best there was and I was eager to prove my worth. In a matter of hours it was over. His final Pokemon lay collapsed on the ground and I stood victoriously. I couldn't believe it, I had beaten the best trainer in the world. It was over. Suddenly in the blink of an eye he was gone, as if I had never actually battled him. I pulled out a poke-ball, "Bunsen get us out of here." I called throwing it. Out popped my trusty Charizard, the power house of my team. I hoped on his back and we flew back to my house. I returned my mighty friend and proceeded into my room where I collapsed onto my bed. I blacked out.

June 9, 2013.
Champion, it felt good to be called that. My mother had been on the phone all morning telling everyone about how her little boy had taken the league challenge and won. It felt good to know I was the best. I was in my room with my team. Odairu, the Feraligator, my first Pokemon given to me by Professor Elm. Juliet, the Gardevoir, the first pokemon I had ever caught and the pokemon that was always there to pull my ass out of the oven if things got to hot to handle. Fluffy, the Umbreon, given to me as an Eevee by Cynthia, the Sinoh champ. Gaia, the Torterra, given to me by a kind stranger, he played the role of the bulk on my team. And Finally Gearick, the Magnezone, man could he put a shock to your system. These where the Pokemon who helped me on my journey, they where my best friends and closest allies, which is why it was such a hard choice to make. Cynthia had told me a legend about how if I where to be able to capture one of everyone Pokemon, the greatest challenge of my life would appear before me. This is why I had to tell my friends that for now their journey was over as well. Some of them did not seem to mind, Bunsen seemed quite releived. As did Gaia and Fluffy. Gearicks expression was always a mystery to me, and Odaira did not look happy. I believe he wanted to continue to train and to fight, since he had always had so much fun doing it. Finally Juliet did not seem happy as well. We had been through a lot together and as such she seemed to have grown extremely close to me. "Well Juliet, I guess I could bring you along with me just in case." She was over joyed and ran up and hugged me. I returned the hug to her. Odairu though seemed pissed. "Odairu I cant take you with me since you need to stay here and over everything. You are the only one strong enough to do it and the only one I truly trust with this task." He seemed to calm down and accepted his new job. I bid them all farewell and proceeded down the stairs with Juliet. I explained the situation to my mother, she did not seem happy that I was leaving again but she understood. I waved goodbye and stepped out back into the wild. I turned to Juliet. "Well here we go. A new quest, and probably one of our hardest yet. Are you ready?" She nodded and without another word, we were off.
This is a Journal based off the character of my Pokemon Sacred Gold play through. I thought it would be fun to describe what was going on through his eyes. Hope you all enjoy it.
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June 10, 2013
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