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Basic Art Brush Set

Hello Everyone!

I decided to release a brush-set I made recently to the community.  If you like it or use it please fav.  You can link back here to share the love, or if you're really appreciative ;)  I'd like to see the work people make with it.  Anyway, it should have everything you need for a basic brush set.  Don't share this outside of deviantART, link back here if you wish to share it.

Brush Explanations:

Brushes were made in CS6, Not sure what the compatibility is with other versions.

The Two Blending brushes (the two with colors blended in the middle) are meant to be used with the Smudge Tool for blending values and colors.

The Hair Brushes use Dynamic Color.  So your foreground AND background color selections will be used.  I recommend a very dark value of Black or the a Dark Value, Grey Shade of the hair color with a Light Value of your hair color.  You can use "x" to switch between the two to set highlights and shades fairly easily.  Just play around with it till you get the hang of it.  You can always turn Color Dynamics off in the brush properties if it's not working out for you.  Check out my Hair tutorial using this brush set

Enjoy!! :happybounce: 
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I don't get how to download this in ABR download.. I use
FA and the file can't open up on FA ;A;
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I can't download it someone help T^T
senpaicactusnutmeg's avatar
Do these work for FA?
UniversalAwkwardDuck's avatar
They do! I've been using it for fireaplaca and the work worderfully! You'll just have to edit around with settings until you have the one you like

How do you upload them onto firealpaca?

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These are photoshop brushes, right? 
Genericdreams's avatar
Yus, they were made in CS6, not sure what the backwards compatibility is.
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seems interesting! I like the smudge ones, ill try them out if thats okai :D
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