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Litmas: Results!
Christmas has come and gone but a pun as bad a Litmas will always live on forever in our hearts. Grudgingly. Even those who don't like Christmas are sad to see it go: there's no longer a reason to get away with acting like Scrooge, there are no more men dressed as Santa Claus to assault in the street when they get too close, and there are no more Salvation Army collectors on each corner to drop foreign currency into with a gigantic grin.
Luckily, here's some great reading to ease the transition from Cold-But-Festive, to just plain Cold.
:holly: Poetry: Your Holiday Landscape
You were asked to write a fixed form poem that details/expresses your local culture/landscape's traditions during high holidays. PoeticWar and StJoan judged, and here are your results:
3rd - Christmas Lights  by MaskedVengeance (3 month sub!)
2nd -
:icongunshymartyr:GunShyMartyr 33 10
Fukyu, Results!
I have to admit, this was a tough contest to judge.  I was torn between the satin sin of subtle snideness, the outright joy of pure raunch, the hoopla of major smack-down happiness...
I went for story-line and the self-effacing fukyu.  I don't know what it says about someone, but I admire anyone who can fukyu themselves.
The Winner:  :icontightwhitepants: tightwhitepants  He wins a Year's Sub!
The Winning Entry:
twp's early emo fukyu period
my strangled heart beats
seventeen dull syllables
in the hollowness.
twp first tastes fukyu success
I suck, my pencil
nib scribbles one dull thought and
look how smug I am
twp experiences fukyu block
my dumb pencil lead
dumps shit across the page like
a clumsy plumber
the world tells twp fukyu
less is more I’m sure
but the less I write the more
they head for the door
:iconadeimantus:Adeimantus 16 12
Literature Collections
After months of administrating the Writers-Club, I have finally decided to start promoting and celebrating the literature on deviantART to the best of my ability.
Any piece of literature that catches my eye as I search through the popular galleries will be featured here. Obviously, as these articles become [hopefully] more numerous, older and older pieces of literature can be posted.
I have based all the features by category; all features will provide a link to the deviation as well as the author's page.
Let's begin...
General Fiction
Life Has No Boundarys by LadyHam-Pie
Harmony by existentialfake
Did we all fall down? by KazexHane
:iconcoffee-rules:Coffee-Rules 41 69
January is Artisan Crafts Month!
What is Artisan Crafts month?
January, Artisan Crafts month, is a month where I, and a few other deviants, will explore the meaning of Artisan Crafts through various events, news articles and journals.  Throughout the month you can look forward to events held in :#ArtisanCrafts:, news articles that both feature and educate, and many other fun / educational activities.
What happens during Artisan Crafts month?
News articles will be posted sporadically throughout the month that outline different Artisan Crafts sub-galleries, feature artwork and offer knowledge.
Events in :#ArtisanCrafts:, such as:
Critique night, held on January 12th.
Meet & Greet with members from the AC community, held on January 20th.
Random Forum activities.
Interviews with Artisan Crafts seniors, Gallery Directors and talented AC members.
How can I participate in AC month?
There are a number o
:iconbrennennn:brennennn 108 37
The Artisan Crafts Gallery, edition 8
Here are a selection of some wonderful and unique deviations submitted to the Artisan Crafts Gallery over the past week. The whole gallery is filled with absolute gems and these are but a small selection!
Want to get yourself featured here? That's easy! Just keep submitting great crafts!
Or send me a suggestion by note, please add 'Article Suggestion' in the topic and remember has to be a new deviation, from the current week.
Browse the Artisan Crafts gallery -->
Culinary Arts

Sculpture and Glass

:thumb73100506: WINGS: Love by taeliac
Architectural Design
XmasHouse by maluka3 ED1 - Sketch Model by bdugtong 2006 btech model by keep-it
Knotting & Weavings
Cat Woman Shield by MaidenDesigns :thumb
:iconmyana:Myana 36 15
ProsePlease proudly presents ProsePrompt!
What is a ProsePrompt?
ProsePrompts are a series of exercises designed to jolt your creative writing processes. We present a concept and it's up to you to write and accomplish the idea. Your prose can be written in any format, genre and length. Also, ProsePrompts are not just open to ProsePlease members but also to the general public.
What are the rules?
The Golden Rule: All work must be your original creation. Plagiarism of any form will NOT be tolerated.
   1. New Prompts are added every two months and remain open for future submissions. Prompts never end nor close.
   2. Your submission must include only the elements and requirements of the Prompt that you are submitting to. There is no need to satisfy past or future prompts however, creativity is encouraged, but feel free to still do them if you like.
   3. Every two-months, the Section Co-Ordinator will select a submission for Honorable Mentions from any of the prom
:iconproseplease:ProsePlease 30 7
Classic Crit January 2008 Contest!
Okay, guys. Let us get things rolling. Get those pens going for our first contest. I've decided to give you the chance to analyze a poem or a piece of prose. (You can write a piece for both if you want but the work you do for one will not affect the judging for your other piece.)
Give a thorough analysis of one or both of the pieces. No need to plan this like a college essay. No need for an intro and conclusion. Just tell us what you think and why you think this. You can do outside research but it's not needed.
For the poetry first piece is Daddy by Sylvia Plath.
You can find the poem here.
Some Tips:
Do some research on Plath herself. It will help if you get stuck on a piece of hers.
Second on your plate is The Girl Who Trod by Hans Christian Andersen.
And the story can be found here.
Some Tips
:iconclassiccrit:ClassicCrit 17 8
DotY: Prize Recipients!
That's right, it's that time again. Time to announce the prize recipients for the Deviant of the Year Awards.
This year saw some changes in rules, and it was good to see everyone managed to stick to all of the rules.
I'll skip straight to the important information. Voting was very, very close. In some categories there is literally a hair between the nominees. There were no clear winners. We had to count the votes three times to double check these were the right figures.
Best New Deviant
3 month sub donated by timmy64 + Custom Stamp & Icon from GoodiesForYou
laurart :winner:
Forum Choice Award
3 month sub donated by Rendarin + 3 month sub donate by whosayswhatnow + journal feature from ClickClickBangUK
timmy64 :winner:
Best In Chat
3 month sub donated by Rendarin + 3 month sub donate by whosayswhatnow + journal feature by ClickClickBangUK
12memories :winner:
Best Avatar
:icondeviantoftheyear:deviantoftheyear 62 120
Punch The Netspeaker by Abfc Punch The Netspeaker :iconabfc:Abfc 1,944 699
What's Past is Present (a mini competition)
In honour of the new year, I bring to you a miniature contest:
:bulletred::bulletred:"What's Past is Present":bulletred::bulletred:
I want you to write me a piece of prose, or a poem depicting how your character has trawled their past into their present, or their future. It's all about decieving, twisting, making the unexpected seem valid. Make it wild, impossible but believable.
I want you to make me squirm in my seat with anxiety, yell out in pain, cry as your character breaks down. What happens when the past seeps into the future? the now?
:bulletblue: prose minimum words, 500 and max: 3,000 words.
:bulletblue: poetry, less than 200 lines.
:bulletblue: due date? 18th of Jan, 2008
How to enter?
- NOTE Amberlouie
- Subject: MINI COMP
- LINK (URL to your piece) in the BODY of the note
At this stage it is only a 3 month subscription to the winner, however according to the standard and amount of entries I get. I may throw in some 1
:iconamberlouie:Amberlouie 31 67
The Artisan Crafts Gallery, edition 7
Here are a selection of some wonderful and unique deviations submitted to the Artisan Crafts Gallery over the past week. The whole gallery is filled with absolute gems and these are but a small selection!
Want to get yourself featured here? That's easy! Just keep submitting great crafts!
Or send me a suggestion by note, please add 'Article Suggestion' in the topic and remember has to be a new deviation, from the current week.
Browse the Artisan Crafts gallery -->
Culinary Arts

Sculpture and Glass

Cuppy Cakes by ki-se-ki Maggie Dress -very almost done by WintersKnight
Architectural Design
suka by stask Master Project Portfolio25 by zaotik :thumb73023251:
Knotting & Weavings
Oh, for want of a shoe by wolfsax :thumb
:iconmyana:Myana 38 12
Artist Relations Newsletter - December 24, 2007
:pointr: Director of Artist Relations

The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!
:bulletgreen: We are sad to see MistressWit leave the team, but the real world has claimed her as its own.  Matt-Mills has switched over from the Wallpaper Gallery into 3D and I'm sure he's going to rock it.  Please take the time to send your love and appreciation to
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 90 41
`Generatinghype's Workshop: Dialogue
Welcome all to our latest news article on this rather mild Christmas Eve! Our first cycle of literature workshops have come to their close, but another fresh 6 week cycle is now with us!
In this news article: Results of StJoan’s Worksho: Jazz |:star: GeneratingHype’s Workshop; Dialogue :star:| Giving Thanks and Feedback| Are you ready to host your own workshop?
:santa: :holly: :santa: :holly: :santa: :holly: :santa: :holly:[Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays][Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays]
Results of the Jazz Workshop!
A word from Writers-Workshop ...
Getting a sense of beat in a piece of writing is certainly a challenge! However, this was a successful challenge to everyone who committed themselves to the workshop. There were defiantly some strong senses of rhythm with both poetry and prose work slipping into some stylish beating work. And as StJoan said often in her c
:iconwriters-workshop:Writers-Workshop 26 9
Happy Holidays!
My Angel Gabriel by OlgaC :thumb70563283: Gingerbread House by Heidilu22 Silver + Brass Christmas trees by SongBird55 the annual reindeer custom by Whippetluvpony Gingerbread Village by monsterhedgehog :thumb65180420: Snowflake Ornament by lavadragon SnowFlake Inspector by depthperception Hubby's stocking by Glori305 :thumb71508574: Santa Cakes by sfprincess L in Santa Claus Cosplay by VioletLunchell Maille Santa Hat by apoc69 Christmas Cross by Starda45 :thumb18777122: Christmas tree, plush by de-kay Christmas Tree by lindalemela Big Snow Plushie by Calzones-Plushies BLanket of Snow by kittiekt Gingerbread by BiancaNoodelijk :thumb66115795: The Great Gingerbread Project3 by doomsday-averted Gingerbread man by coffishop Jack Stocking by Spookys-Crafts :thumb13244524:
:iconmyana:Myana 31 13



Hobbling on Hope
You may call me Bill or Pip. I'm a twenty-something editor, a self-professed punctuation junkie with a penchant for words, and a Catholic. I am also a very private, shy homosexual living my day-to-day between New York City and Oxford.

I like talking about sex, politics, books, relationships, religion, grammar, philosophy, literature, music, baseball and football. I have an old obsession with black and white movies and anything noir, and a true appreciation for Jimmy Stewart, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire, and Cary Grant.

We'll probably get on well if you know who Robbe-Grillet is, enjoy Borges or Nabokov, can admit to liking Oscar Wilde, hate James Joyce and John Steinbeck, like Keats, appreciate Donne, and believe that Baldwin and Capote are among the greatest American writers in literary history.

Or, if reading isn't your thing, hit me up with a "Hello!" I welcome random IMs and notes.



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