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Not out of the woods: A silent epidemic persists
As many of you know, I have struggled with lyme disease for a long time, having been in remission from chronic late stage Lyme and recently relapsing. I have decided at long last to make a concerted effort to spread the word about the disease in the best way I know how: bitching online!
I'm going to give you the skinny on this nasty bug, as well as point you in the direction of more thorough, official information on the topic should you wish to learn more.
Lyme was only discovered in 1975 and was named for Lyme, Connecticut where a cluster outbreak was found and the disease is said to have "been discovered." The truth of the matter is that it's likely some form of Lyme disease (or Borreliosis as it is scientifically known) has existed for some time. It is in the same family of bacteria as syphilis, known as spirochetes and identifiable by their corkscrew shape. This cute little slinky of a microbe can be deadly, in part due to its screw-like form which renders it skilled at tunneling i
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News And You III: Features
Hello again, and welcome to News And You, part three: features. Another one of the benefits that the new news system allows is exposure -- not necessarily exposure of your own art, but art and artists you love. However, while browsing through the news, it's easy to see that some feature articles gain plenty of exposure, and some don't. So what helps to make a good feature article? Here are some tips that might help you:
Theme And Purpose
Throwing a handful of random thumbs in an article and calling it a day won't make the cut. A great way to pull your article together and connect everything is beginning with a basic theme or idea. It can be as simple as a color or an object, or complex as a quote or a book. In either case, using something like this to bind your thumbs together makes the article more concise and the readers more attracted.
Another good idea is to include your theme in a creative title. Just titling an article: "A Bunch of Thumbs About Plants" isn't goin
:iconsecondmagpie:secondmagpie 27 11
Take A Challenge - New Artists Club -
Are you interested in challenging yourself?
If so, theres a new club out that may just be what your looking for!
Thats right, Take-a-challenge is a brand new club designed to challenge your inner artist!
What do we do you say? Well its all rather simple. We set forth fortnightly (every 2 weeks) challenges for you to participate in.
We choose 2 sets of stock images and you use your creative tallent to place the images in the set together in your own unique way!
Each fortnight there will be two different challenges in which you can take part in. Choose to do one, or both. Theres no obligation to do a challenge every week, its all up to you.
Here is an example of our last fortnights challenge.
The first set comprised of the following 2 stock images

And the winning entry was
The second set was
With as the winning entry.
Its not just for manipulaters either, any art form that uses the pu
:icontake-a-challenge:Take-a-challenge 9 3
Writing a better news article, part 1.
One of the great benefits to opening an account here is the ability to write and publish news articles.  In earlier versions of the site, anyone could submit news articles, but not all were published.  When one was submitted, it went into a news queue and was reviewed by the staff and admins for its merits.  If they thought it wasn't worthwhile, it never saw the light of day.  It was very one dimensional, everyone could write them but few could publish them.  Now the news system is extremely user friendly and open for all types of articles to be published.
I wrote my first news article here just over two years ago.  It was a great moment of excitement and joy seeing something I put together get published and read by the community.  Two years later I still enjoy using the news system and encourage others to do the same.
There is a wide variety of article types that can be submitted, from interviews, to announcing cont
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P E A C E Contest - 15 days left!

== P E A C E Contest ==
Just because we are human and that we have tendencies to forget some value that originally make us human beings...
By Peace we don't mean peaceful, quiet. But Peace like the contrary of War.
Use your imagination!
We do not intend to be involved here into conflicts.
We just want to spotlight the definition of Peace.
Be creative don't simply use a dove...
Explain us in your description how you deal with the peace concept in your creation!
G O O D    L U C K  &   B E   C R E A T I V E !

View the contest entries here
:pointr:  Judges :
:iconKareMelancholia: :iconFrozenStarRo: :iconsheispretty: :iconRockstarVanity: :iconeidolic:
:iconGoneWithWind: :iconbitchinblack: :iconlindowyn-stock: :iconNatalie-Busuttil: :iconLuneBleu:
[you see that we have here many medias repre
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Artist Relations Newsletter: June 16, 2007
:pointr: Director of Artist Relations

The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!
:bulletgreen: We wish y2jenn all the luck in the world in her new position on HD and CEA but we'll miss her greatly!
:bulletgreen: New gallery directors will be added shortly ( a lot of them) so be patient.
:bulletgreen: Thank you to everyone that responded to
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 155 251
One dollar koi_new ver. side by orudorumagi11 One dollar koi_new ver. side :iconorudorumagi11:orudorumagi11 29,517 3,119
Hello one and all! You are baring witness to the first contest held by Fox-Tribe. We do so hope you like it.
When researching the word fox or thinking of a fox in general, one will most often come upon the "trickery". So, what is our theme for this contest? TRICKERY! ^^ It's seems like a broad subject and so it is! That's the fun part. When you hear the word "trickery" what pops into your head? Whatever it is, DRAW IT, WRITE ABOUT IT AND SUBMIT IT!
Judging will be based on color, originality, explanation, and pertinence to theme. If you do not wish to color your submition that is fine, just realize that you may be docked points. ^^
Deadline: June 30th
We do ask, of course, that you follow a few rules:
1. No nudity or lewd conduct please. Suggestiveness is fine but no full frontals.
2. Write a short paragraph explaining why your deviation or story fits the theme.
3. Credit Fox-Tribe in your explanation.
4. Send your submition IN A NOTE la
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An Update from HQ
Hey Everybody,
We accepted a small investment last week in deviantART that will help us facilitate expansion in several key areas.
So there's some exciting news!
The first thing that we're going to do is build out an additional co-location site, which is to say we're building a religious monument of nerd perfection. It will serve as our second co-location facility and bring a metric ton of additional hardware resources to the community.
The major positive side effects of this investment in equipment will be a resolution to the sluggishness of the site at peak times. We're also going to be making some much needed additions to the engineering horsepower at deviantART in order to complete various open projects.
Lastly, because I'm sure it will generate some questions, I'd like to correct some erroneous reports about deviantART traffic. MediaMetrics reports wildly conflicting audience metrics to what we see internally. According to Google Analytics, deviantART sees 15 million absolute uniq
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Gay Star Trek Pirate unicorn by kina Gay Star Trek Pirate unicorn :iconkina:kina 200 195 The Bass Player by jasinski The Bass Player :iconjasinski:jasinski 1,580 249
Contest - Win One Year's Subscription
Hello deviantArt! I have an announcement to make.
A contest will be held by me for all deviants to be involved in. The idea is to create a piece of art, poetry, prose or general submission depicting happiness and/or contentment.
The Prizes
First Prize:
The deviant who wins this competition will be given one year's subscription to dA, along with free advertising in my signature, a feature journal and three months feature in my shoutbox.
Second Prize: Six months subscription and a small feature in the winner's journal post, also one month feature in my shoutbox.
Third Prize: One month subscription, a small feature in the winner's journal and two week feature in my shoutbox.
Final Submission Date: 1st August 2007
General Information
Any piece of work is welcome, from artisan crafts, to street art to CG to poetry. It must depict your view of contement or happiness. It does not nessercerily have to be fluffy or innocent. If you are a gothic artist, you can enter too.
The post
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Special Project Announcement: Seven in '07
As part of a special publication for the month of July, the Silmarillion Writers' Guild is seeking short fiction, poems, excerpts of longer fiction and poems, and artwork for inclusion in a compilation about the House of Fëanor. Seven in '07 seeks to show the diversity of creative works inspired by the House of Fëanor, and we invite all Tolkien fan-writers and -artists to consider sending in work for inclusion in this project.
Currently, we are seeking the following:
    * Short fiction under 200 words about the House of Fëanor.
    * Short poems under 20 lines about the House of Fëanor.
    * Excerpts of longer works (fiction or poems) about the House of Fëanor. The excerpts should not exceed 200 words.
    * Visual art (drawings, paintings, et cetera) focusing on the House of Fëanor.
Currently, we have compilations
:iconsirielle:Sirielle 8 1
Bunnies by SanderWit Bunnies :iconsanderwit:SanderWit 916 208 Vancouver Core by Laurazee Vancouver Core :iconlaurazee:Laurazee 666 310
Comically Yours - A Contest For Everyone!
Comically Yours
Comically Yours? Just what is this crazy thing?
Comically Yours is a contest for artists and writers here on deviantART! Ever want to draw a comic, but couldn't think of a good place to start? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at writing scripts for comics or cartoons? You can give both a try this summer! Head on over to comically-yours where you'll find five scripts and five comics. Want to try your hand at a comic? Simply pick one of our scripts to base your comic off of! Would you like to write instead? Take a look at our comics, which are all without dialogue-- it's up to you to write for them!
Cool! So how does it work?
If you're making a comic, upload it community projects -> contests -> 2007 -> comically yours. Make sure to include which dialogue you used in the description! And remember, a comic doesn't necessarily have to be drawn-- you can make a comic from photographs, flash, or anything else
:iconcomically-yours:comically-yours 637 571



Hobbling on Hope
You may call me Bill or Pip. I'm a twenty-something editor, a self-professed punctuation junkie with a penchant for words, and a Catholic. I am also a very private, shy homosexual living my day-to-day between New York City and Oxford.

I like talking about sex, politics, books, relationships, religion, grammar, philosophy, literature, music, baseball and football. I have an old obsession with black and white movies and anything noir, and a true appreciation for Jimmy Stewart, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Fred Astaire, and Cary Grant.

We'll probably get on well if you know who Robbe-Grillet is, enjoy Borges or Nabokov, can admit to liking Oscar Wilde, hate James Joyce and John Steinbeck, like Keats, appreciate Donne, and believe that Baldwin and Capote are among the greatest American writers in literary history.

Or, if reading isn't your thing, hit me up with a "Hello!" I welcome random IMs and notes.



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All my love :heart::heart::heart:
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