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Pony Creator v3 by generalzoi Pony Creator v3 :icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 5,627 0
HTTYD2: Reciprocal
Summary: "Reciprocating motion is a repetitive up and down or back and forth--Astrid, are you listening?" "Huh? Oh, yeah, sure." A series of back and forth moments between Astrid and Hiccup. Contains major spoilers for HTTYD2.
Astrid liked braiding Hiccup's hair. She liked messing with him generally, and had started out with pinching and prodding, so by that measure the braiding was an improvement, though not one Hiccup was wild about. Braid snagged more easily in his helmet than loose hair. Once he complained about that Astrid mostly confined them to the area near his neck where the helmet didn't quite reach. But still. He ended most every day covered in burrs and leaves and twigs, clumps of mud and dirt, and sometimes he couldn't tell what bits were the braids and which were errant pieces of plant life at first touch. It was somehow uniquely humbling to be talking with someone, idly run his hands through his hair, feel what he thought was a twig, and then yank hard enough to m
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 31 13
Adventure Time: Let You Lead
Summary: Marceline is really, really bad at the relationship thing. So Bubblegum decides to step up.
One night, in the castle garden, Princess Bubblegum grabs Marceline and kisses her. Marceline reacts by not reacting at all, and after a few minutes Bubblegum sighs and says, "I'll see you later, Marceline," as she walks off. Marceline eventually stops floating insensibly long enough to get back to her cave, find a large rock, and smash her head into it hard enough that she's left with three smallish rocks, and a headache that takes two days to fade.Glob, why is she so bad at this?----------When Bubblegum knocks on her door days later, she's carrying a large bag, and Marceline seriously considers not letting her in. Except that Bubblegum was looking right at her when she pulls back the curtain, and she's already made things awkward enough, so...yeah. She opens the door."What's up, Bonni?" she asks, and belatedly realizes she's standing in the doorway, and pretty much blo
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 80 57
Adventure Time: Scent Memory
Summary: Princess Bubblegum said she wore the rock shirt all the time. She never said she wore it every night. Takes place after the events of "What Was Missing?", Princess Bubblegum/Marceline.
When she first heard the tapping at her window, Princess Bubblegum didn't move from her desk, choosing instead to study the sound. It was rather late, although that could mean little depending on what emergency may or may not be occurring. Everything else sounded quiet, however. And the window was quite high, anyway. Not easy for many people to get to, although Finn could reach it, with Jake's help. Not to mention the Ice King. Ugh.
She didn't have to wonder long. The window slid open, revealing Marceline perched on her windowsill. "Hey, Bonnie," she said.
Bubblegum immediately hopped to her feet. "Oh! Hello, Marceline. I wasn't expecting to see you quite so soon after our little adventure."
Marceline shrugged. "Yeah, well, you know how it is. Not a lot else going on." Her eyes were slowl
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 79 48
Pony Creator Full Version by generalzoi Pony Creator Full Version :icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 83,677 5,822
SP: The Ninja as Artist
Scott Pilgrim Comicverse, Roxie/Ramona
Summary:  Roxie could never really hate Ramona.
What Roxie liked about art - what drew her to it in the first place - was the fact that art was open to interpretation. Everything had a meaning, but sometimes that meaning was hidden. Guarded. Sometimes what you saw wasn't actually what was shown at all, and that was exactly as it should be.
Which is why it was a perfect profession for a ninja, haters be damned.
She didn't hear Ramona come in, exactly, but she knew she was there all the same. Roxie was a ninja. You can't just sneak up on a freaking ninja. So she set down her paints and wiped her hands on a rag.
"Looks good," Ramona said. Roxie just looked at the half finished canvas and shrugged dispassionately before finally turning around.
Looks good, Roxie thought, although she'd never say it. And Ramona did look good. Her hair was longer than Roxie had seen it before. It wasn't hard to figure out why (talk about ob
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 12 8
Valentine's Day - Less than 3 by generalzoi Valentine's Day - Less than 3 :icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 209 39
Disney: Stargazing
Lilo & Stitch/Return to Never Land (femslash, Jane/Lilo)
Lilo and Jane try to learn the constellations of Neverland.
"Do you stargaze much?" Jane asked.
Lilo pursed her lips. Both girls were lying in a quiet field, learning the constellations of Neverland. "Well, I gaze at stars a lot. But that's usually just because that's what you see when you're flying a spaceship. As far as lying down just looking at the stars, probably not so much."
Lilo paused, and said, "That's weird, isn't it?"
"Hm?" Jane looked over at her, and Lilo pushed herself up on one arm.
"Just that I spend all this time flying around in outer space, and I don't even stop and appreciate the stars. What's wrong with me?"
"Nothing's wrong with you," Jane said soothingly, and bit back a smile when Lilo quirked her eyebrow. "I think people watch the stars because they seem so...distant. Magnificent, but distant. They're so far out of reach." She turned her eyes skyward again. "You can see the stars as
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 42 21
Lilo and Stitch: Normality
Summary: Myrtle may not be sure what normal is anymore, but she's pretty sure Lilo still doesn't qualify.
When Myrtle is young, she's good at making friends, and keeping them. She's queen of her own little clique. She's forceful and confident and sometimes mean, yeah, but only to people she and the others had decided deserved it.
But she and her friends keep getting older, keep moving up in school, keep meeting new people. One day the girl known for making fun of people who are different realizes she's different. Most of her classmates are native; they have a shared heritage, culture, language. All Myrtle has is an absent father and a mother who tries way too hard. Eventually Myrtle realizes the downside of choosing friends just as likely as her to exclude someone for not fitting in.
She never quite recovers after that. It's not like she's a total social outcast, but she doesn't really fit in with most of the kids she knows. It doesn't help that she doesn't become less abrasive
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 96 23
Disney: Planet Never Land
Lilo & Stitch/Return to Never Land (femslash, Jane/Lilo)
Summary: One day something that is decidedly not a comet crashes in Never Land, carrying a strange girl and her stranger pet.
Notes: Basically aged up Lilo and Jane meet.  Don't ask for an explanation about the pairing.  Just enjoy it.
"All right men --"
"-- and Jane.  There's treasure to be found!"  Peter Pan stabbed his dagger dramatically into the air.  "Let's go!"
The Lost Boys cheered, and Jane smiled.  There was always treasure to be found in Never Land.  But before she could take another step, Tootles tugged sharply at her dress, and she looked down to see him bouncing agitatedly.  She knelt down next to him.  "What it is?" she asked gently, and he pointed to the sky.  Jane looked up to see what looked like a comet, bright even against the morning sky, bearing down on them.  "Peter!" sh
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 109 51
SP: Julie Gets Drunk
Scott Pilgrim Comicverse, Kim/Julie
  Julie doesn't understand why Stephen broke up with her.  Kim doesn't understand why Julie's complaining to her about it.
"He left me!" Julie screeched.
"You say that like it didn't happen every other week for, I don't know, five years?" Kim pointed out as Julie downed (yet another) glass of vodka.  "You'd think you'd be used to it."
"This is different and you know it!" Julie cried, slamming the glass on the bar.  "I need another round."
"Here too, please?" Kim said, rubbing her face with her hands.  The bartender set them up again, giving Kim a sympathetic smile as she did.
Julie grabbed her glass.  "I can't believe he left me for that hairy little bitch."
"He does seem to have a type, doesn't he?" Kim muttered, taking a drink.
"It's a bunch of crap," Julie seethed.  "We've been together since our first year of college.  You think I don't know him
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 13 9
Scott Pilgrim: Freckles
Scott Pilgrim Comicverse, Kim/Scott
  What does Scott remember about Kim?
"Why don't you -- like, tell me about you and Kim, or something?" Ramona said, flopping across the bed.
"Kim?" Scott asked.  "What about her?"
"You dated her."
"Is your memory of that time period hazy, too?  C'mon, inform me."
"Okay...there was this girl in my...history class...I think...and it was Kim.  We had to do a thing together.  She had freckles?"

She had freckles, dusting her shoulders and the top of her chest and her thighs.  And it was...he had seen them before, or some of them, but he had never...they had never...god...
"Are you..." Is this... "okay?" he asked.
She nodded.  "Mmhm."  Her leg shifted, and it rubbed, and god.
"Okay."  He should say something, shouldn't he?  Or ask what she...what she wanted.  He
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 6 9
Scott Pilgrim: Practice
Scott Pilgrim Comicverse, Kim/Lisa
  The things Kim does for friendship.
Lisa put her hands on Kim's knees and leaned over her, her chest about four inches from Kim's face.  "Kim!"
"Lisa."  Kim's eyes drifted downwards.  "Lisa's cleavage."
"Kim, I need a huge favor."
"How huge?"
Lisa chewed on her bottom lip.  "It's pretty huge, I'm not gonna lie.  And you're pretty much the only one I can ask, so just hear me out, okay?"
Kim quirked an eyebrow, but said, "Okay."
"Would you, maybe, kinda...make out with me?"
Kim blinked a couple times, then looked at her wrist.  "Oh, would you look at the time.  I have to go do something not completely random and retarded."
"Come on!"  Lisa crouched down and rested her chin between her hands, which were still on Kim's knees.  "This is really important.  And it's not even weird or anything anymore, everyone does it."
"I think the
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 17 15
Scott Pilgrim: Cuddle Time
Scott Pilgrim Comicverse, Kim/Ramona/Scott
Summary:  Ramona wants to cuddle.
Kim was sitting cross-legged on the floor, idly tapping her drumsticks on the hardwood -- except the stupid things kept falling out of her hands for some damn reason.
"Okay, so now we know, Kim's not allowed rum when she's got to play for real," Stephen Stills said, glancing over his shoulder from his position on the couch.  "It totally makes you suck."
"Bite me," Kim said.  "I haven't even had that much."
"You've had enough, obviously."
"Bite me."
"God, he's right, even your insults suck when you're drunk," Julie called from the couch.
Kim opened her mouth -- she suspected 'Bite me' was going to come out of it again, because even though she totally wasn't drunk, her head felt a little fuzzy -- but Ramona suddenly walked over and dropped to the ground behind her.  "Guys, you should be nice to Kim," she slurred.  "She's like my BFF for life.
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 11 20
Scott Pilgrim: Friendly Visit
Scott Pilgrim Comicverse, Kim/Ramona
Summary:  Ramona's kind of a bad person, and Kim hates Scott Pilgrim.
Ramona appears in Kim's doorway, and it only takes a glance for Kim to know this isn't quite going to be a "friendly" visit.
"You shouldn't be here," she says.
"I'm kind of a bad person," Ramona says, and drops her bag on the ground.  "What's your excuse?"
"I hate Scott Pilgrim," Kim says as Ramona climbs into the bed with her.
"Sure."  Ramona curls up against Kim's side and nestles her face into the crook of Kim's neck and breaths in deeply, but doesn't move after that, so maybe Kim was wrong about why she came over.
"Do you want to do something?" Kim asks after a few moments.
"Nnggh," Ramona grunts.
"What was that?"
Kim rolls her eyes, then perks up.  "What's that, girl?  Timmy's in the well?"  Ramona pinches her.  "Ouch."
"You're so weird," she says.
"Like you can talk."  
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 23 17
HTTYD: Five Times...Ruffnut
Summary: Five times Ruffnut was scared, and one she was brave.  Femslash, companion piece to "Five Times..."
When they are six, Tuffnut tells Ruffnut that babies are made when two people kiss.  She, in turn, tells Astrid, but Astrid doesn't believe her, and kisses Ruff to prove it.
Sure enough, Ruffnut's belly does not swell like she's seen on some of the women.  Astrid takes this as a sign that Tuffnut is, once again, just being a stupid boy.  Ruffnut kind of thinks Astrid did it wrong, but then they're off to the next game, and she forgets.
Later that evening though, she remembers.  She gets nervous, and then she gets scared, because maybe it doesn't matter that Astrid's not a boy, and maybe she did it right after all, and Ruff doesn't want a baby.  She's quiet and distracted during dinner, and when their father takes Tuff to the creek for a bath, their mother pulls Ruffnut to the side and asks her what's wrong. 
:icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 55 13


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