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Thenkpha and Nyanaarta by generalurist Thenkpha and Nyanaarta :icongeneralurist:generalurist 2 21
Mature content
A silly Kancolle vore story :icongeneralurist:generalurist 4 26
Going to Hell? by generalurist Going to Hell? :icongeneralurist:generalurist 2 19 Down at the Mario Kart Circuit by generalurist Down at the Mario Kart Circuit :icongeneralurist:generalurist 4 52 The flag of Yenikent by generalurist The flag of Yenikent :icongeneralurist:generalurist 1 17
A Visit to Yenikent
There were many community centers much like this one in the city of Yenikent. This was owed largely to the fact that many of the city’s districts had been independently-administered cities not too long ago.
It was around noon on a Saturday, so many people had free time. Two such people were a somewhat contrasting duo, who none the less had known each other for a long time. One was the calm-headed engineer Paradise. The other was a seemingly ordinary young man named Řehoř ”Greg” Urist, who had a reputation for attracting weird sorts of chaos. The two made some small talk together, but made sure to keep their eyes on the surrounding crowd. They were expecting visitors from a distant city, and this community center was the agreed-upon meeting place.
There was not much waiting before Greg spotted the trademark yellow shirt of the person he was looking for. “Hey Popper, over here!” he shouted.
Gabriel Barrera was known to most of his friends as
:icongeneralurist:generalurist 2 12
Old School Steampunk by generalurist Old School Steampunk :icongeneralurist:generalurist 1 12 A Shipping Joke. by generalurist A Shipping Joke. :icongeneralurist:generalurist 4 32 Ten Tons of HEAVY METAL FURY! by generalurist Ten Tons of HEAVY METAL FURY! :icongeneralurist:generalurist 2 16
An ordinary day in Yenikent, Part 2
“So, everything inspected, no faults found?”
“Nope. All of them cooled down smoothly.” Paradise was happy to hear when one of the workshop assistants told her that the numerous flat and curved glass panes that she had forged the day before had cooled down overnight without incident. The panels had already been wrapped in foam and readied for transport, so Paradise joined the workshop’s crew in loading them into the back of her truck.
Paradise’s red pickup truck was a heavy beast. It weighed a few tons and was very large. With its high ride height and, a diesel-electric powertrain that had a two-stroke diesel at its core, people sometimes joked that Paradise had managed to make a freight locomotive road-legal. She didn’t mind. The high torque and power that the electric motor outputted gave the truck phenomenal cargo carrying capacity, even off-road.
So whilst Paradise got some stares passing by Yenikent’s suburbs, she had no problems haul
:icongeneralurist:generalurist 1 34
An ordinary day in Yenikent, part 1
The city of Yenikent was very new, very recently had the numerous smaller towns in the area been unified into a single administrative unit. A decade ago the military leader General Urist had chosen the region, sparsely-populated but otherwise in an excellent strategic position, as a center of his power and military logistics. The consequent rapid industrial and economic development had resulted in a great deal of immigration to the region’s cities, and it wasn’t long before they took on the characteristics of one large, yet dispersed, city instead of many smaller ones.
In a large house, once in an unremarkable position in a medium-sized town but now quite close to Yenikent’s center, the experienced engineer simply named “Paradise” prepared to go about her day. Having donned her signature teal-striped sliver-grey blouse, work gloves, and steel-toed boots, she was ready to set off.
The first event of the day was a meeting at Yenikent’s new city hall
:icongeneralurist:generalurist 1 13
Experiments in Karts, Perspective, and editing. by generalurist Experiments in Karts, Perspective, and editing. :icongeneralurist:generalurist 0 3 Old Habits Die Hard. by generalurist Old Habits Die Hard. :icongeneralurist:generalurist 2 53 A Somewhat Atypical Quarrel by generalurist A Somewhat Atypical Quarrel :icongeneralurist:generalurist 2 12 A Quartet of Badly-Drawn self-insert OCs. by generalurist A Quartet of Badly-Drawn self-insert OCs. :icongeneralurist:generalurist 3 18 Ekun 3 sketches by generalurist Ekun 3 sketches :icongeneralurist:generalurist 0 0


My Top 25 Favorite Vore Artists and Animators
Vorarephilia, or Vore for short, is a concept where The Predator eats The Prey or The Prey gets eaten by The Predator. Like Anime, Vore is a name packing with favorite genres. My favorite genres include Soft Vore, Same-Size, Micro, Macro, Internal, and A Happy Ending. I love seeing Vore images on DeviantArt and watching Vore videos on YouTube. But for some odd reason, there's not much videos talking about the artists or animators who made the videos, and for a good reason. I think I would have been the first person to make a video like this for Vore, if YouTube was more fair and merciful to the content. My list will search for Story Elements and Art Techniques for a picture or video. To avoid copyright, I asked the candidates if I may use their footage as example of their work. I'm so sorry this took so long, but I am extremely sorry for those who have been looking forward to the video of this project. Out of the safety of my channel, I decided to cancel the video project and resort to
:iconiamdja9:iamdja9 9 8
Super Feathery T.rex by p-tjones Super Feathery T.rex :iconp-tjones:p-tjones 76 16 Dolphin drawing tutorial :D by namu-the-orca Dolphin drawing tutorial :D :iconnamu-the-orca:namu-the-orca 1,571 386 Goombella by LinkerLuis Goombella :iconlinkerluis:LinkerLuis 254 116 Miyazaki's Big Family by Usagitxo Miyazaki's Big Family :iconusagitxo:Usagitxo 28 9 Endogeny by chriskot Endogeny :iconchriskot:chriskot 55 8 Ready Player One - Help us save the Oasis by Tato-Kun92 Ready Player One - Help us save the Oasis :icontato-kun92:Tato-Kun92 102 35
Hide-And-Seek [Seviper Vore]
Warning: You have entered a weird, dark pit of DeviantArt. If you are not interested in Vore, PLEASE DO NOT READ
(non canon to Reiko's story)
(Takes place in the PokéHybrid universe)
Morning arose as 8 year-old Ellie woke up in her small bed, only to notice she could not move, as if she was wrapped in tight ropes. As her mind debuzzed, she could now see clearly her Seviper was gently coiling her, keeping her warm. She slightly squirmed to wake her Pokémon up.
"C'mon, Knife! let's go get breakfast!" Ellie said as she nudged herself against his coils. Knife slowly woke up and hissed happily as he gently licked Ellie's cheek. Knife slithered to the floor as she mounted him.
Ellie, in contrast with Knife, was only bite-size. He could easily swallow her whole. Even though Knife had those thoughts buzzing around his head, he promised to himself to only take his trainer in if the situation called it, or until the little girl gave him permission to do so.
Both Ellie and Knife went to
:iconthe8madness:The8Madness 18 5
M1 grand by JJP158mk2 M1 grand :iconjjp158mk2:JJP158mk2 9 4 GOODBYE, 2017! by CybershockStudios GOODBYE, 2017! :iconcybershockstudios:CybershockStudios 37 11 Remembrance by klunsgod Remembrance :iconklunsgod:klunsgod 34 12 Explaining Some Things by VoraciousPanda Explaining Some Things :iconvoraciouspanda:VoraciousPanda 141 203 Shrink 'High The Animu by THEDAIBIJIN Shrink 'High The Animu :iconthedaibijin:THEDAIBIJIN 118 149 Mathematical Beauty Infographic by IAmPuzzlr Mathematical Beauty Infographic :iconiampuzzlr:IAmPuzzlr 1 0 Shadowless Tanks Pt.2 by wingsofwrath Shadowless Tanks Pt.2 :iconwingsofwrath:wingsofwrath 444 56 SiIvaGunner All-Stars by Mumbo-McBurger SiIvaGunner All-Stars :iconmumbo-mcburger:Mumbo-McBurger 110 27


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I suppose it is inevitable that my main 4 characters will end up fights. (The General is the only one not shown getting involved in one directly yet!) With others already showing some interest in them, I thought I might as well formalize their weapons and equipment and such.

note: if something is marked as "uncommon", that means that it is uncommon for the character to carry that weapon with them (I.E. they usually leave it at home unless they expect they will need to use it.). Otherwise, they pretty much carry it with them everywhere.

Paradise has a great deal of physical strength, which combined with her protective gloves and boots means that she can deliver damaging punches and kicks without harming herself. In a serious fight she makes use of her sword however.
Heavy sword: A huge broadsword Paradise forged herself from a very rare alloy. With great weight and a sharp edge that keeps well, it is a formidable weapon. Of course, it can't do anything a regular sword is fundamentally incapable of.
Hunting rifle (uncommon): A long-barreled .35 caliber bolt-action rifle. Meant for hunting, it has a scope and can kill large animals at great distances. Turns out it also makes a GREAT sniper rifle when one is needed.
On top of this, Paradise carries a number of tools in her large pockets, which makes her capable of repairing damaged machines or improvising odd weapons on the fly. Versatile, but can't do everything at once.
If she expects severe trouble, Paradise also wears woven polymer body armor underneath her clothes, along with a hard hat. She can also use a respirator, in case dust or gas is a serious concern.

General Řehoř Urist:
The General is a commander and not a warrior. typically he is much more deadly commanding others to optimal positions than he is fighting personally. Nevertheless, he has enough experience to do a good bit of damage himself in a worst-case scenario.
Assault rifle (uncommon): a 7.7mm machine gun with a 50 round magazine. Accurate with single shots at a distance, yet capable of unleashing MORE DAKKA against massed enemies. Equipped with a bayonett, is cal also serve as a melee weapon. Not much stopping power against anything bigger than a human however.
sidearm: a 0.45 caliber pistol. In the military, pretty much everyone has at least a pistol. The bigger bullets are deadlier against large enemies, and the pistol is much less cumbersome to use in close-range encounters. The effective range is lower however.
If he is caught unarmed by anything more than a street thug, he is probably toast. The General is really more of a "support-class" party member. He knows about all things military, and if he HAS to kill something personally he prefers ranged weaponry.
If he expects any sort of fight, he WILL bring body armor. Unlike Paradise, he wears it over his uniform, and it is slightly stronger. 

Urist McButcher
This dwarf is ferocious, and has extreme physical strength. His weapons hit hard, but rough. McButcher doesn't have much finesse in battle.
War hammer: McButcher's treasured weapon, a huge hammer with a head made of dense silver. Somewhat slow to swing, it is however devastating on impact unless the target is resistant to blunt trauma.
Pickaxe: What's a dwarf without a pickaxe? Made from steel, this mining tool turns out to make a pretty effective weapon when something faster or more stab-y is needed.
Crossbow (uncommon): A rather over-engineered steel crossbow. Can either be fired in repeating mode like the chinese Chu-ko-nu, or can be manually drawn back further to release a single much more powerful bolt. Not at all more powerful than a gun, but it IS quieter....
McButcher loves bloodshed, and is good at it. His eagerness to enter the fight can be a big liability however. Let's hope he doesn't rush in LEROY JENKINS-style.
If a situation calls for armor, he wears heavy steel plate. Very effective against blunt and piercing weapons, but ineffective against guns and drastically reduces mobility compared to what Paradise and The General have.

Lurist, AKA Greg:
A chaotic, mischievousHmm. Evil plotting in progress.  person with Author Powers, Lurist carries his quite-unconventional weapons in hammerspace, and pretty much always has access to them. EVIL Laughter! 
Dinner Blaster: A cross between a machine gun and a bazooka and with seemingly infinite ammo, this things can launch a variety of surprisingly-painful foods at very high velocities. Typically fires either hamburgers or super-spicy kebabs.
Combustible lemons: Taking a cue from Cave Johnson, Lurist actually went ahead and invented a combustible lemon. They function much like grenades, creating a powerful, fiery explosion. Deadly against massed or flammable targets. He has yet to manage to burn down Life's house with them.
Frying Pan of Doom: A seemingly-ordinary cast-iron frying pan, it is more powerful than it looks. For a small enemy, getting hit with this tends to be ther, well, doom. Lurist's primary melee weapon.
If comedyGiggle  and/or trollingProblem?  demands it, Lurist can briefly wield a bunch of other random weapons (or have his punches become stupidly powerful) in order to cause maximum shenanigans.:happybounce: 
BEWARE! Though he rarely takes fights that seriously, but in the rare case that something make him angry enough to WELL AND TRULY want it gone, Lurist might enter an :angry: explosive rage:angry:  in which his melee attacks can destroy almost anything, but tend to cause MASSIVE collateral damage to anyone and anything caught in the chaos.Fear  He prefers to avoid doing this, but sometimes looses himself.
Lurist doesn't have Armor, but he has infinite lives so who cares?:D (Big Grin) 

(Yeah. Lurist is the character the LEAST grounded in seriousness. By far.)

Of course, on top of their personal weapons, if things get really heated the Crew might decide (terrain permitting though!) to bring out Lurist's upgraded Vzor 38 tank, and introduce the enemy to Ten Tons of HEAVY METAL FURY!. Few things can stand up to 10 tons of steel with 500 horsepower, machine guns, and a 37mm cannon.




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Now that you've gone out and contacted my directly I of course can't not reply. But I still have no idea what to say.
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Anyways, what I've noticed is that when you pop up "in the wild", you often are part of some really interesting discussion. And I find it interesting when such discussions occur, especially since vorish matters rarely attract civilized debate. Which was a large part of why I chose to watch you. (not that I don't find your stories interesting.) Hey, if I watched every vore artist who I like, my watch feed would get hopelessly cluttered.

Speaking of vore, I have plans to write some stories that take a somewhat "serious" (or at least "non-comedic") look at it, It'll probably be a few months before I get to that, I have other art and stories to get through first. I do have ONE vore story under my belt, but it was deliberately made a LOLRANDOM "throwaway" so that I wouldn't have to worry about the plot while writing the vore.
I'm rather new to non-academic writing, and art in general. So I take things slow.

Sorry about that rant, I tend to do that.Sweating a little... 
Pareidolia2015 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oh no, you're absolutely fine! I love it when people have a lot to say and can say it so well. ^_^

But yeah, I do tend to try to have something of worth to say when I do say things. And recently I did get kind of invested in all that drama, not for my own sake but to defend a friend of mine who got caught up in it. But yeah... It's not something that really leads to rational discussions, so I tend to enjoy them when they do happen. (And thanks for saying you like my stories, it means a lot! ^^)

Yeah, I do tend to plan at least one more "serious" story arc, leading off of my one less "fluffy" story I've posted so far... I don't know exactly what it'll have yet but I plan for it to be a more dramatic sort of thing, while most of mine will likely be more soft and friendly to read. I tend to like to see vore as something that doesn't preclude other topics; something that can lend itself to a variety of story types and doesn't have to suggest any one way for things to go. So I'd like to do some experimenting, or at least work it in as a side story for other stories, like in the story I wrote for said friend of mine a while back. And most of all I see it as something that can be done well, not just as a throwaway sort of thing or something that only a specific audience could ever enjoy. And that's what I aim for, really. I aim to write stories that even someone who isn't into vore at all would read and enjoy and consider quality writing.
generalurist Featured By Owner Edited Dec 29, 2016
Sometimes I am MASSIVELY talkative, sometimes I can't think of anything to say. That's me!=P (Razz) 

I saw that incident with that comic... One heck of a mess that was! >_< I wonder, has A admitted that he handled things a little poorly?

You're right that it shouldn't preclude other topics. And you're RIGHT on the mark about making stuff so good that you don't need to be a voraphile to be engaged. I think the key to that is to make sure you focus on making a good story as well as making good vore.

Speaking of which, my (iniatial) story IS actually going to be (somewhat) "fluffy", but the idea is that it isn't going to be in isolation. Ya see, I've seem plenty of heartwarming and well-written non-fatal soft vore stories, but they are often one-offs. You have a great text about someone fining out how great it is to snuggle in their big friend's tummy... then you never see any of the people involved ever again.
I have an established 'verse and characters (even if I have yet to reveal many details formally), the plan is for this vore story to be set in that 'verse, and for the characters involved to keep appearing along with other characters in later works, not necessarily in a vorish context.

BTW, if I seem to disappear from DA for days at a time.... well, I have many interests, I can't focus on all of them every day!;) (Wink) 
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