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Solar eclipse by GeneralsAlert Solar eclipse :icongeneralsalert:GeneralsAlert 2 0 Just got back from College and GameStop by GeneralsAlert Just got back from College and GameStop :icongeneralsalert:GeneralsAlert 2 2
Mikhail Macvaitch (Star Fox OC)

Name: Mikhail Macavitch
Home world: Venom (born on Macbeth)
Occupation: Scientist, physician
Species: Chimpanzee
Age: 31 (in Star Fox 64)
height: 5'2
Eye Color: Brown
Color of fur: Brown
Gender: Male
Personal Weapons: blaster
Personal ship: N/A
Affiliation: Andross's Empire
Bio: Mikhail was born to a poor family that lived on the outskirts of a military base. Life was rough for him, he lost both of his parents at age 5 in an accident (The authorities didn't do a thing to prevent their deaths), he was a bullied constantly,lived under terrible conditions, and so on. As he grew older,Mikhail became fascinated with medical study, later in rolling to a medical university so he could become a medical doctor. As time when on, he then began to do unauthorized and horrendous experiments on the native creates. This later lead to his capture and arrest. However, that didn't stop him from wanting to continuing his experiments. After successfully escaping p
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Kyle Cooper

Kyle Cooper
sex: Male
specie: FoxCoon
Age 18
Place of birth: Paris,France
Father: Sly Cooper
Mother: Carmelita Fox
occupation: Thieving
appearnce of a raccoon (mostly)
hair: blue, short
fur: gery (grey orange tail)
eyes: brown
Fav Color: black
Fav food: Pizza (pepperoni)
Fav drink: lemonade
Fav sport: American Football
Fav Movie:  Alien (1979)
Fav video game : Half Life franchise
Favorite Cooper: Henriette One Eyed Cooper
clothing style: black shirt, grey pants, black boots
Voice: (Nathan Vetterlein)
to Allies (friends/Family):  he's Kind, friendly, and nice 
Neutral: kinda Rude
enemies: like his father, Kyle is a complete ass hole to his foes
likes: Cooper gang, his parents, Video games, music (rock/metal), stealing, going on heists, money, guns, reading the Thieves Raccoonus, going on Thief.Net
Dislikes: police, villains, losing, backstabbers, the sight of r
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whispers in the dark pg. 12
  "Carmelita, said a cat like cop, please don't make this worse: the evidences are here!
  It had been at least half a day that the vixen had been stuck here, keeping telling her colleagues that she wasn't related to Sly Cooper. Which wasn't a lie, but wasn't the entire truth neither. She knew she always had strong feelings for the thief, she let herself believe that they were negative until now, but she wasn't so sure at this moment...
  "Please Carmelita, we all know, it was a joke until now but we are sure now. Why did Cooper saved you last week if you two aren't related?
     A dark grey wolf entered the room, it was Conner. Carmelita never really liked him, his arrogance, even if he had the merits to have it, was horribly annoying.
  -John? He said. I need to talk to you for a second, do you mind?
  -Not at all, replied the cat. Wait here Mrs. Fox."
  The cop left the room, leaving Carmelita alone. She took advantage o
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whispers in the dark pg. 11
  The following day, Sly had an visit from the wolf, he told him that he'll go in trial, that he had no way to escape... And all other cynic stuff. But what caught most the thief's attention was the fact that Carmelita was kept under custody to know if she was linked  to the Cooper gang or not.
  "nothing really positive for now, she keeps denying that she is related to you, even in front of the facts.
  -Quite normal, replied Sly, 'cause she isn't.
  -That's what you say. But I wonder if we still can believe you.
  -Can't you take those restraints off? I'm stiffening up here!
  -Nope, don't even think about it. A backstabbing f*cker as you better be left tied on a table. By the way, the guard continued in a sigh, you won't be amputated.
  -What a shame for you."
  Sly's hatred for this man was going crescent. His haughty look was unsustainable and his calm and aggressive voice was getting on the raccoon's nerves.
  His jailer left the
:iconshade-from-hell:Shade-from-hell 1 0
whispers in the dark pg. 10
Beep... Beep... Beep...
  What is this?
  It sounds like a monitor...
  It seems so distant... But it is the sound of a heart-beat monitor.
  The raccoon opened his eyes, only to see that he he was still in the hospital, but on the bed this time, and this bed had restraints. He also noticed that his dye was gone.
  "So? Finally awake?"
  The voice was kinda aggressive, and it didn't came from Carmelita. Sly turned his head towards the owner of the voice, which seemed to be a dark grey wolf who didn't seemed friendly at all.
  "Who are you? Sly asked.
  -This is not important for you to know. What is important- and you better get used to it -is that you've been subdued.
Sly grinned
  -You really think you can keep me under locks for long?
  -I do actually, now that I know how you manage to escape every time.
  -What do you mean?
  -Inspector Carmelita Fox h
:iconshade-from-hell:Shade-from-hell 1 7


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