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Re-Imagining: Sectaurs Warriors of Symbion

Here's a re-imagining of a lost 80s animated series which I was intrigued to discover had a remarkably complex history in it's own right despite a short run. 
I've come to conclusion that if you want your toy commercial to have depth and creativity all you usually have to do is turn it into a comic book series. This is an instance where a decent concept for a toy turned into a relatively amusing cartoon but blossomed into a comic series which seems to ME at least to be full of potential for an epic sci-fi/fantasy tale!

I changed a few things around here. I'll never understand the interest in making the base line for a new series be a completely different universe to our own, especially if things are relatively close to ours anyway. In the original show Symbion was 'in another time, in another place' and the original species that caused the genetic disaster was not human, but I felt if you did make it a little more grounded it wouldn't only make the more fantastic elements a little easier to understand but it also gave the option for that little teaser about a human army of robots arriving. Maybe like Avatar, but with characters and complexity and stuff :lol:

Possible New Sectaurs Theme? :…
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Huh.  Two re-imaginings in a row?  Guess you're on a roll!

Although I sort of glossed over the stuff in this re-imagining, it's good you've gotten some momentum built up.  Hope to see more re-imaginings from you soon!
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Coffee is magic! :D
I hope so too. Do you have any suggestions?
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Personally, I was hoping you could restore the ones you did on XCOM: The Bureau, Avatar (the James Cameron one), and Legion (i.e. that one film that kind of featured the apocalypse being waged at a middle-of-nowhere roadhouse).

I'd also want one of Titanfall, but to change up the story so it isn't "middle ages feudalism in space" (since I really think that went a little too far against the Titanfall setting - this isn't Warrhammer 40K with Space Romans and Chaos Gods!), and also expanding the roles of two Militia characters you left out of the old re-imagining altogether (Sarah and Cheng "Bish" Lorck).

One idea I had is that, since the "Militia" played in Titanfall is actually a splinter-faction of the overall Militia (the Marauder Corps or M-COR for short), I think a way to improve the story would be to add in other "Corps" of the Militia with wildly different tactics and morality, to give the Militia a "We Are Struggling Together" vibe.  For example, while the M-COR are the ones fielding the closest thing to a standing army and space fleet, other "Corps" may be glorified space pirates looting merchant ships or low-protection planets, while others act like terrorist insurgents with infiltration, bombings, public shootings, etc.