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Hello Kats fans!

Welcome to Megakat City, a place to discuss the action-packed animated series SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. Since its debut in 1993 on TBS, SWAT Kats has had a "cult following." Whether making new fans or being rediscovered by old fans, the show continues to be a hit even after 20 years.

This forum, meant for fans old and new, gives everyone the opportunity to gather together and talk about the series, share art and fiction, or just get to know one another and have fun.

Megakat City strives to be the central hub fans come to for the latest news on the series’ possible return and fandom happenings. A place where verified information can be found, and the difference between speculation and fact can be determined.

The SWAT Kats fandom has seen its share of ups and downs in participation, yet it remains after all this time, a testament to the show’s status as one of the best cartoons of the 90s.

So, will you become a citizen of Megakat City?

For myself or anyone curious of what the heck I am even doing.
Last Updated: 08/29/13

Commission - MoDaD - Felina Feral as traffic cop writing ticket for his fic.
Progress: Inked, Flat colored, now shading (25% shaded)

Comic -
Nine Lives & Counting
Progress: Scripted, working on layout.

Byyr, Nox Prophecy and SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron
Progress: Taking Break
Welp I think I finished uploading what fan art I wanna share here that I've done the past year or two.  Still trying to get the hang of the new (well new to ME anyway XD) changes here at dA... some of the set up is confusing. :P  Any other art I upload here will be new.

Glad to see a lot of people I used to follow are still here as well as people from other places that are here too. ^_^ I also appreciate the comments and favs and watches and stuff. <3

Now that my website has been moved to different host, I'll be updating it with new artwork.  SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron still continues with updates every Tuesday and Thursday.  :iconshadowpantherkat: and I are nearly complete with the first issue.  If interested, you can read it here:
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*blows off dust and spiderwebs. coughs a few times from such movements*

Wow so... when organizing old files... I came across a file where I had written down the password to this gallery.  I moved partially because for a time I had lost the password and so made a new gallery :iconfelonykat:  Then found my password later and was like whatever, just dropped a note here that I moved. Then lost the password again over time and found it once again.  Buuuut I have been debating aliases, mainly because there have been instances of people thinking I am my character Felony.  Yeah I have used her as my online "persona" so to speak, but other than being a smart ass bitch, we've nothing in common.  Another reason is I have a comic in mind for Felony, without the SK inflluences mind you, and figure I shouldn't always go by Felonykat.

Thing is, I do not plan on posting personal art here.  I have a webpage for that ( and a tumblr for that (  I do want a place to share comic updates, comic art, fan art... things like that.  Plus there are artists here that I can't follow elsewhere as they have remained here over the years.  I tried Fur Affinity for awhile but the furry fandom just... eh, is not my cup of tea.  I draw kitty people mostly, but I draw humans too and so deviantArt, for all its annoyances (this new setup which isn't new anymore is still frustrating...) of dA, for now it is the better option for my needs.

I hate social networking to be honest, so updates will be infrequent.

Anywho... that's all I have to say for the moment.  It is no biggie if y'all still call me Felony, just don't expect to find me under that anymore save for things related to my webpage or RPG purposes.

- Felony aka General Manx aka Annu aka A-chan (if you knew me as the most latter, my god we are old! XD)
The artist known as :icongeneralmanx: is now :iconfelonykat:.