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Greater Ottoman Empire

here is an alternate history of the Ottoman Empire, when the Turks finally succeeded in the siege of Vienna in 1683. This was resulted from the assassination of John III Sobieski of Poland. By 1700, the Ottomans expand eastward and gained new technologies as they marched forward. The Central Asian tribes were united in 1723, but had done so only to be crushed by the Empire and its new imperialistic power. By then, the Ottoman Empire goes south east and heads straight to India, claiming what territory it can get from the native people. Soon, the Ottoman Empire combined their culture with Western ideals, making them more stronger as they claim the Italian Peninsula and the whole of Iberia. By 1780, chunks of Africa are claimed in a need for slaves to work within the Islamic plantations. In 1813, as France, Poland, Britain, and Russia plot an alliance against the Ottomans, Mahmud II ordered his troops to build a great northern wall to protect their borders from their neighbors. Trade with China and India causes the Empire to become far more wealthier than ever. Meanwhile, their rival, the Latin American Empire (formally part of Spain) seek revenge against the Ottomans and make an alliance with the French and british in North America. Despite this, the Ottomans have become a global superpower that will never die out. By 1939, as World War II occurs, resulting from an Anglo-French invasion of Austria, the Ottomans begin to ally with the United States, India, China, and Japan against the Christian European powers, who seek to reclaim Ottoman-occupied areas in Europe. As of the Cold War, it would not be one between capitalism and communism, but instead one between American protestantism and Ottoman Islamic ideals.
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make istanbul constantinople again
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well at least diversity can work on foods.
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saw it and its nice. :)
Ottoman empire creator I osman
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If Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth don't fallen in this alternative history, why Poland, Ukraina, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia aren't one country?
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this map is only showing the territories under the Ottomans, not the rest of the world.
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Ok, i understand. But you know that if some country change the history, borders and countrys of others lokks diffrent.
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you have an error in this map because morocco have never been part of Ottoman Empire
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Well its alternate history so its fine
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You should do a greater Persia.
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America wouldn't exist.
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pretty much, in your opinion.
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The divergence point is far too early. An independent American republic could exist but it wouldn't be exactly the same.
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perhaps. Altering history does a lot of shit on things.
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I suggest doing more research.

This scenario is definately never likely to happen. Open up a thread at with this scenario, and you'll see what I mean.
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