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Greater British Empire

Here is a map of an alternate British Empire, in which it had resulted from an English victory against France during the Hundred Years' War, as well as the assassination of George Washington. Before the revolution, and without France, they easily claim the Louisiana region as well as large parts of Canada and the whole of the Thirteen Colonies and the Northwest Territories. As a result, the British Empire wins the Revolutionary War and eventually begins it's expansion on most of Europe, since France was already conquered. This meant that the Napoleonic Wars never existed. The British then focus on their dominance over India in need of rice and tea while they annex Afghanistan. By the mid-19th century, the British begin forming colonies in Africa, Oceania, and Asia, although some African tribes resisted an remain independent. Even southern parts of China have been taken over, due to British dominance within Indochina. During that time, however, a man named Karl Marx had founded the ideology of Communism, after witnessing the harsh struggles within the now industrialized empire. By 1910, with highly advanced technology, as a result of the victory against the American colonists years earlier, the Ottoman Empire collapses, along with Central America. By 1950, the British Empire eventually ends up in a Cold War with the Soviet Union, but only to succeed once again by 1973, after outspending it's rival, although leading into an economic crisis. Eventually, by 1986, the economy recovered quickly and thus led into an invasion towards Argentina and Chile, in response to a failed Argentine attempt to claim the Falkland Islands. In this alternate timeline, Britain remains the dominant power in the globe, banning French, Spanish, and other non-English languages within it's borders.
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Romance languages intensified for revenge
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No! Not Finland! :(

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*American Rebels Intensifies*
If Britain has already beaten France, why is the map of the African colonies like that, since France, Portugal, Belgium, and Italy aren't competition is see no reason why their African colonies would be shaped like that
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Where did you get this template
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and what if its the colonies of the colonised european country
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Out from a forum that involves alternate history.
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Do you know which one?
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The map I used for this art piece is from this website:…
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soo many things. thanks I'll find it 
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Looks like your map has been turned into some insane drivel by someone
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That fucker should be ashamed of himself for using my art for his consoiracy theory bullshit.
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GeneralHelghast Could have the British Eurasia?
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Spain (and a good chunk of europe) under the british boot? Over my dead body; although, now i can safely tell which monarchy gets a very nice cut (the head exactly) next.
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I guess some little englanders are jerking off on this map...
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too bad the british couldn't succesfully invade us (argentina) and stablish a decent goverment, we hinterited the terrible system of the spanish
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Spain is doing fine, the Spanish system didn't ruin Argentina it's people did. 
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Crimea will probably become British, too. And why are all the borders exactly the same as in the OTL?
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Wouldn't the British have an Antarctic claim?
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normally, on my maps, I don't include colonies at antartica
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