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Oshawott BW

Oshawott's animation from BW.

Sprites ripped by Jefelin of TSR.

I do not own Pokemon or it's sprites.
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I'm gonna try using this as an icon
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i wanna use it as an icon BAD
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Please do not upload things that do not belong to you. This is an artsite where you upload your own artwork.

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
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Bitch, you just got served.
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You do realize how hypocritical you are being, correct?
First of all, you can also copyright concepts, which means you're screwed too...
I am in a graphic design course where the first thing we learned is that the moment you use another's concept down to the dot.
Do you know what 2 things these links all have in common?

1. These are all links that YOU have in YOUR gallery, in which you are also using Pokemon based characters, same manner as Cirno, the only difference is you are throwing in original characters, And at the bottom, what's this? are you... crediting as well? "Jesse belongs to Pokemon" and a team plasma uniform with James in it? and even Mebujinka, which is an actual species of Pokemon...
2. You have broken the law! Misdemeanor or not, Nintendo did NOT give you direct or written permission to use any of these Pokemon named characters, this is known as "Intellectual property infringement" and nearly got 2 big Pokemon sites in legal trouble... You think you're distributing Pokemon stuff under protected laws, think again. Earlier this year, a man was arrested for distributing a Corocoro comic too early and Nintendo took immediate action. It just goes to show you, people take this kind of stuff seriously.

There is nothing that can save you from this, he might be doing wrong but so are you, and me, and every Pokemon artist on earth, don't pick out people like this anymore. unless if you want me to teach you the true meaning of copyright again...

Good day to you, sir...

That's all for now.
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I DREW those pictures myself. That IS allowed on this website. What's not allowed is taking something someone else's (even if credited) and uploading them here. Read the FAQ I posted.
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He animated it, so I don't see how it isn't his artwork

By the way sir. I'm sure I've seen more then 100 people stealing work, why don't you go do your fucktard thing over there and leave this guy alone, as far as I know, he did nothing wrong.

Your arguement is invalid
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I call em as I see em. Check the FAQ I linked. He's violating the rules he signed up for.
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This is technically my own work, no I do not own the sprites, but the ripper just asks for Credit, nothing else.
I know these belong to Pokemon, but where is the fun in being an animator if you cannot animate things that you like? I only animated the thing. I said I own nothing, and I did what the Ripper of the Sprites asked for.
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It doesn't matter. It's not allowed on this website. It's DA's playground, it's DA's rules.
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I have no clue who this Jefelin is. So, if you'd please show me that you did get permission from him, I'll back off.
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It clearly says. Credit if used. Do not steal. I credited him. And I am not claiming his ripped sprites as my own.
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FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?
Yes, by posting this you ARE claiming this work as your own.
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Would you shut up if you knew I DID ASK HIM?
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You're pretty much a whiny little bitch to anyone, I bet you would'nt back off anyways.
You baw and cuss out people just because they "miss" your "seizure-tastic" webcam picture to comment in your profile.

Anyways, the ripper only requested credit, not any kind of permission.
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No, you NEED actual permission from the person in order to use their work. FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want? Read this, be imformed, don't argue with a whiny little bitch.
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"You must obtain written permission from the proper and legal owner of any work which you wish to use"

How about you get permission from Nintendo, GAME FREAK or whoever else has ownership of any kind over Pokémon?

Tell me this, Whiny Little Bitch, is fan art legal or illegal?
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