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Published: June 26, 2011
Episode 1: A New Challenge(r) Appears?

She kept her eyes closed. She concentrated on the chopper sounds. She couldn't believe that they would return. Either way, she had to face it and left her painful past behind. Although many of the Delta Red members believed that everything was over, she knew better than anyone...

The choppers were closing at the designated place. Atlantic Ocean, a small remote island. Delta Red had intercepted some strange readings from that place. "This couldn't be a coincidence, we have to investigate this..." she said back at MI-6.

Along with her, Colonel Wolfman was at her side.

"The orders are simple: Investigate the surrounding area for enemies and infiltrate the facility, gathering as much info as possible", the Colonel said to the soldiers and to her.

The soldiers cleared the area outside the facility and she infiltrated it.

"How did they constructed this base on a such small island? And why the government and the Delta Red kept us believing that everything regarding Shadaloo was over?" she said to herself.

Many thoughts were spinning inside her mind, but she needed to stay focused.

She wasn't astounded in what she saw: Drugs, weapons, things that were familiar. But, there was one shot: No Shadaloo insignia anywhere to be found.

"Who are these guys?"

Finally, she reached above a room via the ventilation shafts. Inside they were a number of scientists and some sort of a cloning tube.

"This can't be happening, they still doing those disgusting experiments on humans?"

The scientists were just about on opening the tube. The host was a male human, 25 years old, around 1,76 cm tall, great long white hair and green eyes. After the host stepped out of the tube, the gave him back his clothes (a pair of blue-jeans, sneakers, his skin-tight sleeveless A-shirt and his jean chain) and they started asking him questions in order to check if everything was OK, like "who are you feeling?", etc.

"Another brain-washed victim", she thought. "This has to stop now!"

But she needed the right opportunity to strike. But, surprisingly, the host started an attack upon the scientific team, knocking them unconscious.

"He... is so fast!!" she said to herself, "But, how can this be, they should have brain-washed him, they aren't taking any chances with their guinea pigs!"

The boy made his way out of the room, attacking anyone in his grasp. She, on the other hand, followed his every move.

Finally, he made it to the room where they kept the mainframe computer of the facility. The rest of the base knew what was going on, so they lifted an alarm.

"FIND THE SUBJECT AND DISPATCH HIM ASAP!" a voice yelled from the megaphones. "SHOW NO MERCY!!!"

The boy was surrounded, but nothing could stop him. In front of her spying eyes above the shafts, he dispatched almost everyone.

"That serves you right!" he yelled at them. More soldiers came to the scene, but he managed, through the mainframe, to activate a self-destruct sequence.

"EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!!!" the director of the base called out loud from the megaphones. Every personnel retreated. It was just her and him. It was a good opportunity to confront this strange young man.

At the same time, Wolfman contacted her in order to warn her.

"Gather anything you can find and get the hell out!!" he said to her through the mic. "Don't risk your life if you can't find anything!"

Meanwhile, the boy made a disc copy, containing various info on the activities of this facility. And it was the perfect time for her to step out of the shadows.

"This is as far as you'll go". She said to him, as she landed on the ground from above.

"So, I suppose you've been waiting all along from above, right girl?", he said back to her.

"...... So, you noticed?"

"Yeah, I did." he said back to her.

Her eyes landed on the optical disc.

"This disc. Give it to me."

"Why should I?"

"We need this more that you do."

"Ha, you army types want to dig your nails even deeper, right?"

"Well, that's why we're here...!"

The boy grappled the disc firmly in his hand...

"I've been waiting for an opportunity like this, but you just HAD to come here to do justice, right?"

"I told you, THAT'S why we're here!" She said with a cunning smirk in her face.

"Hmm, very well." he said, "let's to this, the old-fashioned way then....!!" said the boy and took an offensive stance.

"We got a couple of minutes before this base blasts to hell's time." he said.

"As you wish, but... I won't be so gentle like those morons you were fighting!" she said back to him, stroking an aggressive pose towards him.

It seems like there's going to be a great showdown between those two...
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This is a prequel story to SF4 (before the events of the SF4 movie) featuring mainly Cammy and her Delta Red team, plus a brand-new character named Caius (something like an extension of myself).

It'll cover the events of SF4 and SSF4 with changes and (maybe) i'll keep posting chapters as a continuation of SSF4.

So as you would expect, it's going to be a long ride.

Don't expect any Cammy fanservice here, since i love and respect her.

Here's the 1st episode, i hope you like it:)

Next: [link]
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Thank you, that means a lot to me:)

Actually, the 2nd is kinda ready, i'm just working it out, sooner or later, i will post it:)
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Hey, nice work! I'm looking forward to the next episode.