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Some more TI-related sketchy stuff, continuing on from that first concept of Sabino.

* What's the best way to get someone's undivided attention? Unknowingly obstruct a timeline-critical mission by swiping one of the manuscripts they're trying to recover, of course. And as Vince learns, Sabino is really damn fast.

* Immediately following Vince getting that darn manuscript back, probably. Sabino really grinds his gears (at first) and he makes no attempt to hide this, but the dude just keeps following him...

* Second take on Vince's actual TI armour. (Not shown: he's wearing fingerless gloves, like in the chapter art this is based on)

* Leonardo da Vinci, the historical figure whose writings you're following.

* And Copy-Tycho, in his default state of not liking you.
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