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A bunch of Archangels (and one fallen angel, and a Protean) that I done drawn up over the past few days; some of you might recognize my take on Satan. Separate files can be found here and here.

Row 1:
  • Cassiel: the hero and the one who handles much of the physical stuff. Gets along with humans fairly well (and has to step in a defuse tensions between them and her mates often). Prefers ladies.
  • Jophiel: the leader, technically. A skilled manipulator and analyst, and one of the only angels who still calls Satan ‘Temeluchus’ (he gave her the excuse she wanted to expel Adam and Eve, see).
  • Abel: ascended Protean (note the gray wings and yellow eye) who’s still bitter over getting shanked. He’s looking for his asshole brother.
  • Zadkiel: mission control with a lot of repressed anger and a stick up his ass. Not very sociable.
  • Metatron and Sandalphon: the twins. Metatron is serious-minded, Sandalphon is a nasty little gremlin; they’re both investigators.
Row 2:

  • Michael: may or may not be the head archangel in charge. Knows many useful things, but is not so good at conveying them in a manner that’s helpful to anyone.
  • Gabriel: a librarian who collects books that humans can’t read without their brains getting rewired. Not a guy you want to pester.
  • Barachiel: Compassionate kid who likes roses; very much the ‘good cannot comprehend evil’ type.
  • Laylah: the angel of the night and protector of humans (though, like most angels, she can be rather clueless about them).
  • Raphael: a healer who creeps out everyone she interacts with. She can fix just about anything, be you angel, human, or Protean (demons are shit outta luck).
  • Satan: one of the Seven Princes of Hell and not a member of Jophiel's team. He actually has humanity’s best interests at heart and understands them a lot better than most angels; alas, he’s still a jerk.
(Note on Laylah: I very deliberately modeled her after my version of Leela to play on their similar-sounding names)

Normally this would go in scraps, but I think enough effort went into it to warrant the main gallery.
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