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Unsorted II



Past-life stuff and alternate timelines.

* Starting things off with some good old-fashioned angst. Gil and Enkidu probably had a lot of it to go around.

* Ishtar without her headdress.

* Guess where that text on Austin's jacket came from.

* The Tycho/SO hybrid from Tempus Irae; would've liked to see a bit more of him.

* Another 'human as AI' experiment, sort of. While poking around alt.games.marathon, I came across a post by Forrest in '99 detailing some really early Eternal plot points; in short, Olifant (the original antagonist) used to be Volker, who in this draft went through the same ordeal as Hathor. (He was also the reincarnation of PiD’s Muller, to whom Inm!Volker has no ties whatsoever)

* Someone's gotta pick up the tsun duties.

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Enkidu (or is that gilgamesh?) has an amphora!  Some neat trivia: if it's got big handles, it's an amphora!  If not, you've got an urn =)