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The maintainer of the scales, so to speak. An enigmatic android who was well-adapted to the situation he'd found himself in centuries prior.

Over in whatever timelines constitute Infinity, his fate became linked with Durandal's.


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Your Jjaro AI's are quite interesting!
By the way, I wanted to ask you something: Is Pthia actually a Jjaro?
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Thanks! To answer that question: it's kinda muddled (not clear if Yrro and Pthia were individuals or whole species), but for simplicity's sake, I assume he* was a single Jjaro.

* Pthia's gender isn't specified, either; I went with "male" to avoid the "women in fridges" trope.
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Ah, good. Thanks! It's nice to hear that the Jjaro don't have any problems with same-sex relationships (right?). I also intend to do the same with my version of the Forerunners.
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Nice! ^^ (The Jjaro in Inm. are fine with same-gender relationships, though Yrro and Pthia weren't in one since Yrro was Pthia's teacher and it'd be an ethical mess...I do see Yrro as being pansexual, though!)
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How Ironic. Now it's Tycho getting punched in the Ribs.
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Okay, now that is so freaking awesome OwO
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