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Sixteen Fighters

My arms don't QUITE feel like they've been stabbed with the devil's flaming pencil of the damned, but I still don't see myself getting much art done tomorrow. x.x

'tis both the Original Freedom Fighters (led by Sally Acorn) and the Neo Freedom Fighters (led by Sonic Rose); miraculously, I was able to fit both groups on the same sheet of paper.

* Of all the characters present, Dulcy probably underwent the most noticeable redesign: her proportions (which I might alter later?) are more humanoid, and she has clothes now. The muscles in her arms and legs are meant to be incredibly dense, allowing her to smash Badniks with ease--which unfortunately makes her a high-priority target.

* StS!Geoffrey's a wizard right off the bat. The plan is that he more-or-less invites himself into the Original FF, as he needs a place to stay with his master being indisposed. He frequently works with Dulcy and has a pet chimera-like Mobini, the Dove (from SatAM).

* Can you guess which issue of Archie-Sonic Bunnie's jacket comes from?

Some parallels I noticed about the FFs during the (fairly long) process of drawing this:

* Sonic and Sally = leaders (though Sonic shares that title with his sister).

* Amy and Geoffrey = mages (remember Amy's tarot deck?).

* Tails and Rotor = mechanics.

* Knux and Bunnie = heavy-hitters from a culture/location no one else in the group hails from.

* Shadow and Antoine = gunmen.

* Rouge and Mina = talents that are put to use outside of missions more often than during.

* Cream and Dulcy = Fire Adepts.

* Chris/"Kyo" and Nicole = odd one out (sole human, sole computer program).

* Cheese and the Dove = team pets. One is more likely than the other to tear your face off.

I plan on giving a copy of this (and maybe "Gals Bravo") to The Deep (our local/only comic book store); with any luck, they'll accept it (others have given them artwork before, usually to be put on the walls).
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