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Sentinel Lineup V2
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Published: December 21, 2018
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Well, this old thing is well and truly obsolete. The new Sentinels were long overdue for a revised lineup, and after a few months of work, it's finally done; the new one also includes Tessa, who didn't exist back when the first height chart was made.

Short bios below:


Squad S consists of Eliza, Nandita, Simone, and Faye.

* Alpha/Eliza Fontanelle: Sentinel co-leader. Quiet, efficient, and capable, Eliza was a natural choice for head Sentinel. However, while she's dedicated to her cause, she's more than a little suspicious of her superiors. 31 y/o, 5'8".

* Beta/Nandita Tamboli: Cynical, tired Indian whitehat hacker. Nandita prefers to work from the shadows, to the point where it's sometimes joked that her very existence is classified. 30 y/o, 5'4".

* Gamma/Simone D'Aramitz: Bladed weapons user and body-disposal expert. Simone is cool, collected, and completely desensitized by her line of work. Girlfriend of Lambda. 33 y/o, 5'11.

* Delta/Faye Irvine: Government liaison, heavy arms user, and expert interrogator. Faye maintains a positive attitude whenever possible and takes great pride in her sniper skills. 32 y/o, 5'7".

Squad A consists of Monique, Gemma, Na, Kagiso, and Dahlia.

* Epsilon/Monique Ledford: Master of misdirection who's almost certainly a past participant in various shady government projects, though she seems to regret the latter point. Monique is the one you call in when you need a distraction. 29 y/o, 5'7".

* Zeta/Gemma Ramos: Martial artist and track star. Compared to her teammates, Gemma is probably the most 'normal' Sentinel, in that her record's totally clean; she'd like to keep it that way. She initially joined to help scrub out a particular terrorist cell and avenge her injured friend.  27 y/o, 5'8".

* Eta/Na Song: The undefeated berserker; works closely with Zeta and Pi. Na enjoys a good fight, which was largely the reason she became a Sentinel; this sometimes puts her in conflict with the others. 29 y/o, 6'1".

* Theta/Kagiso Lantzius: Info-wrangler of a different sort than Delta. Kagiso is a former bartender, and one of the more down-to-Earth Sentinels; just don't ask her about certain past excursions. 34 y/o, 5'10".

* Iota/Dahlia Carlisle: Active brawler, knife aficionado, large ham. Dahlia has the skills to back up her arrogant boasts, though these skills do not include 'proper socializing'. 35 y/o, 6'1".

Squad B consists of Piper, Fuyuko, Jeong-hui, Mina, Astrid, Lexa, and Renata.

* Kappa/Piper Haddock: User of revolvers; specialty is rapid assault. Piper hails from downstate New York; the unpleasant black ops missions she took place in may have something to do with her downcast personality. Girlfriend of Mu. 30 y/o, 5'7".

* Lambda/Fuyuko Ebihara: Spies on enemies from afar. Fuyuko is not exactly a 'people person', hence the 'afar' part; the only folks she likes are her fellow Sentinels. Girlfriend of Gamma. 28 y/o, 5'8".

* Mu/Jeong-hui Cho: Microbiologist and combat medic, though Jeong-hui doesn't exactly like combat, or anything that takes time from her studies or her girlfriend Kappa. 29 y/o, 5'7".

* Nu/Mina Rosenburg: Pilot/driver who's intensely paranoid over the sinister machinations of the common civilian; it's said that her time on Mars, at the onset of the Third Martian War, has something to do with that. Next to Delta, Mina is the most knowledgeable about government workings. 36 y/o, 5'8".

* Xi/Astrid Lestrange: Infiltrator; of all the Sentinels' pasts, Astrid's is the most closely-guarded, and inquiring about it is not recommended. 35 y/o, 5'8".

* Omicron/Lexa Carlisle: Burnt-out trans woman who's equal parts sniper, mechanic, and translator of her older sister Iota's more off-the-wall statements. Lexa is easily one of the blunter Sentinels. 29 y/o, 5'7".

* Pi/Renata Uccello: Italian immigrant who's good at both armed and unarmed combat; became a Sentinel through her govt. secretary job. Renata is fairly level-headed (usually) and is rarely seen without her 'Erase Me' headband. 27 y/o, 5'6".

Squad C consists of Mary, Lorraine, Cherise, Konakai, Nuru, Ramona, Dora, and Nova.

* Rho/Mary O'Sioda: Monitor and manager of her squad, and probably knows more about the other squads than they realize. Mary tends to hide her worries under a heavy veil of snark. 27 y/o, 5'8".

* Sigma/Lorraine Clarke: Technician and heavy-metal enthusiast (she got it from her moms); can usually be seen fine-tuning everyone's guns. Lorraine is friendlier than she looks. 25 y/o, 5'6".

* Tau/Cherise Eldridge: Hard-femme close combatant; records indicate that none of her previous excursions were govt.-sanctioned. Unlike some of her fellows, Cherise still knows how to socialize. 29 y/o, 6'4".

* Upsilon/Konakai Hale: Martial artist and native Hawaiian; Konakai doesn't trust any members of Alpha's group (despite being on the same team as them) and refuses to work with anyone from Squads S-B without at least one C member present. Otherwise, her cold exterior is pretty much an act. 25 y/o, 5'9".

* Phi/Nuru Afolayan: Demolitions expert with the scars to go with it. Nuru is undoubtedly one of the kinder Sentinels and, like Delta, has a more direct line to her superiors. 28 y/o, 5'11.

* Chi/Ramona Xenopol: Wiretapper and thief, though Ramona is more likely to regale you with her distressingly high body count than anything related to those two jobs. As such, few members of Alpha's group want to be near her. 22 y/o, 5'6".

* Psi/'Dora': Full name unknown. Dora likes cracking skulls and doesn't like being asked about her past; maintains a tenuous working relationship with Xi. 29 y/o, 5'10".

* Omega/Nova Faulkner: Sentinel co-leader, though she mostly keeps to Squad C. Nova turned on the previous group she was a member of and was quickly acquired by the UEG; while she has many things in common with Alpha, the two don't like each other. 34 y/o, 5'11".

And finally, Tessa, the Sentinels' mission control. Unlike her teammates, Tessa is an android who is kept out of direct combat; she enjoys directing the Sentinels, less so keeping a few members of them from attacking each other. Very close to Beta. 5'5".
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