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Prototype Lineup



Semi-height chart thing of the main Prototype cast (not pictured: Cortana, Thoth). From left to right: Mnemosyne, Bellona, Durandal, Viktor Romanov, Junko Hasegawa, Tycho, Leela.

For reference, Vic is about 5'9".
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Leela's looking kind of... well, 'miffed' would be an accurate word. I'm going to take it that, on good authority, being in the Vylae's network for a few years has not done much for her attitude?

Tycho, meanwhile, is outwardly as ambivalently unpleasant as can be expected from everybody's favorite platinum-haired bundle of sour grapes. I'm digging the mantle he's got for himself, too. On that note, I like how all three of the AIs have nice mantles, although I half-expected Durandal's to be a bit raggedy along the edges, owing to keeping aboard the Rozie. I can't imagine he'd take such good care of it.