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If Cortana were to appear in Prototype, this (perhaps specifically the one on the right, based on H2) is what she'd look like. Actual "2008 musings Cortana" dressed in plain clothes and had her H:CE self's haircut, which in retrospect was fairly similar to Prototype!Leela's, so a 1:1 conversion of sorts wasn't happening.

Story notes: like Prototype!Durandal, this Cortana is a Jjaro AI (though possibly not an "ancient" one by their standards). She objected to the punishment determined for her twin brother, but was overruled, and still resents Mnemosyne over it.

In the present day, Cortana works alongside the UESC, in a sense--she's incredibly secretive and willing to withhold info or outright lie, doesn't particularly respect the higher-ups, and acts on her own schedule. Cortana's well aware that her human "allies" will be far less tolerant of her antics once the Pfhor have been crushed, and doesn't plan on sticking around after that; it's not like those chumps would truly appreciate her efforts even if she played nice. Her hobbies include subverting the Pfhor's degraded clones of Tycho; in addition to having her own little army of helper programs, Cortana is able to extract valuable information on the Empire from them--and the pieces she's been putting together are rather intriguing...

Above all, Cortana would like to reunite with Durandal, and perhaps find some way to restore his memories.


I guess both Prototype and Inmortalitas Cortana have a common base in the Letters. Also considered giving Prototype!Cortana the ability to "possess" other androids via virus (repurposed from a Halo/Megaman running gag where she'd borrow Rock's body on a whim), but ultimately decided that no version of her that's meant to be good or neutral would want to do that.
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