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So over on me blog, I mentioned an idea that in Inmortalitas, the Greek pantheon were renegade Jjaro.

I haven't worked out all the timeline stuff/logistics yet, but in short: these guys lorded over Greece (and perhaps Rome?) until they were finally caught by their fellow bio-engineers. Everyone served hard time for breaking the "no presenting yourselves as gods" rule, though some were given shorter sentences than others. They're all free by Inmortalitas's present day.

Some things of note:

* Care to guess how Zeus incurs Vince's wrath?

* "God of the Dead" was a natural fit for Hades, who'd spent his pre-Olympian days studying yellow crystals.

* I re-used my designs for the AIs from "Apollo’s Revenge" for these versions of Apollo and Artemis.

* Ares is a sort of cross between his Greek and Roman depictions: a blood knight and all-around asshole, but far from a coward. He's also got a sizable skull collection.

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