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Big 'ol page of Maravania stuff; half cleaned-up pencil sketches, half filler doodles done in PS.

* Can't have a CV-related thing without Dracula and Death. Complicating matters is Drac's alliance with Tfear, who doesn't really get the whole "vampire lord" thing, but is very interested in crushing Sol Core. Death, meanwhile, is gunning for Vince.

Design-wise, I'm proudest of Death's flame collar.

* Some sort of double Item Crash, maybe? Vince might not be affected by the Stopwatch thanks to his Jjaro implants.

* Vince is an atheist, but anything that could help protect Durandal is worth trying. Not that it seems to work...

* Durandal meets Alucard (seen here in the outfit his human guise wears in Grimoire of Souls, because his normal one can be a real pain in the ass to draw); I imagine the two of them having many conversations on the nature of humanity and how it relates to Durandal (whether he wants it to or not). Plot-wise, Alucard booked it to the human colony for the same reason as Trista.

* Finally, Medusa. Mostly based on how she appeared in one CV III gamebook, with some elements of her Lament of Innocence incarnation.

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Dracula's clothes turning into little bats is a neat little touch.
I really like the flames (and its lighting) on Death.
The action pose in the top right is pretty cool.
Nice stuff!