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Alternate title: "Time Crawls When There's a Pandemic", because I specifically started on this project to try and pass the time--and like with many of my doodle dumps, this only isn't longer because of the limits of my fragile-ass back, arm, and wrist (and also FireAlpaca took longer to save the more I added). I wanted to dig into some obscure corners for this one and not worry too much about entry placement beyond a few rows that ended up having themes. Also got some suggestions from the Story Forum folks about which old scenarios to represent here besides the Big Six (minus EVIL, because it's my least favourite story-wise and its primary creator is a bag of dicks).

* Opening things with an abstract Durandal shot; this was before I'd really figured out what direction to take the file. Maybe it's from a recurring dream of his from when he's really struggling with the "AIs/androids as artificial humans" debate? (Those cables sticking out of his chest were specifically borrowed from an old Megaman doujin.)

* Even androids need umbrellas when going out in the rain; I drew this one while it was pissing rain outside.

* A battered Vince shares a kiss with Durandal; draw your own conclusions as to what led to this.

* Canon M2 doesn't really elaborate on how the Security Officer felt after smashing Durandal's core with his bare hands and then getting tossed into a Pfhor brig for a month. I imagine that Vince was fairly confident and hopeful for the first half of the Lh'owon campaign, and moody-at-best during the second half. Didn't help that he seemed to be the only one who missed Durandal...

(That shadow should probably be angled differently, but that's not fixable. Mrph.)

* Thoth, being his usual cryptic self.

* Robert Blake didn't really have a good time of things either; as much as he disliked Durandal, I don't think Blake expected to lose him like that, if only from a purely pragmatic standpoint--and in Inm., at least, he was definitely aware that he'd alienated Vince with his thoughtless admission.

(Incidentally: I definitely don't buy that Blake was just an incognito Durandal, but I do wonder how often and to what extent the two communicated before things went tits-up. It really seems like Durandal specifically wanted Blake to take the reigns if worst came to worst; was that just because he was already good at leading the BoBs, or something more?)

* Logan and Cortana enjoy a quiet moment.

* Tal'sen (left) and Pfh'Joueur/"Joe" (right) from Pfh'Joueur, with some of the scenario's omnipresent greenery.

* Kusanagi takes a break from monitoring the world via his drones to say "hi".

* Aaron mentioned hoping to see something from Gemini Station, so here's the Gemini twins (Castor/"Casta" and Pollux?) with some new clothes that hopefully don't make them look so much like teenagers.

* Hermes from the same scenario also got a new wardrobe; maybe now he looks like the overly-bitter douchebag he's supposed to be. (Given what he does in Gemini Station, perhaps he uses his mythological namesake's epithet of Kriophoros--albeit, instead of rams, he sacrifices whoever stands between him and his goals.)

* Whatever mood Marcus was going for, Platina lightened it.

* This is how a number of conversations Vince and Durandal have with strangers go, I bet.

* Leela, being confident.

* If Durandal ever looks at you like this, you're in trouble. (Meta-wise, I wanted to include at least one doodle of him and Vince being back-to-back badasses, for there can never be enough of that)

* Jordan Callahan, Vince's dear old cenn. There were many things about Jordan's past that they never told their son.

(Note: "cenn" is a gender-neutral term for "parent" that seemed like the most likely way Vince would address them.)

* Never get between a battleroid and their target, especially when the battleroid in question is already furious.

* " know, it's times like these where I really feel alive."

* It's that nasty bug man again. (And yes, he pretty much has to unhook his arms like that if he wants to reach his face.)

* Bernhard Strauss doesn't care if you think he looks cool or not; he's already worked out several efficient methods of making you disappear.

* Perhaps this shot of Admiral Tfear was taken not long after another successful mission (read: crushing of dissidents).

* Durandal may be a poor hand-to-hand combatant, but he's a reasonably good shot with the fusion pistol--and despite what some people would tell you, he's not so soft and gentle that all his threats are empty.

* This is Cassandra's idea of normal-people clothing.

* CrazyEyedMustafa suggested Roland, tired and beaten to heck but glad to see a friend. This is long after his and Vince's initial brawl and long period of distrust.

* George "Shek" Nohe (one of the two player characters of The Classified 19), being moody as usual.

* Something I mentioned on me long-defunct tumblr ages ago: some of the Trilogy's netmaps exist in Inmortalitas as recreational combat arenas, be they focused on martial arts or simulation firearms. These are where the "vidmasters" gather to hone their skills and show off for the public; while there's a basic uniform of sorts (as modeled by these two vidmasters), you're encouraged to customize it extensively. The Rozies watch some matches every once in a blue moon--usually without Vince (who's not impressed, and can't resist jumping in when some idiot vidboi insults his pride) or Haller (who's all too familiar with the true horrors of war and "real" combat, and is also not impressed).

I considered going ultra-meta and basing these randos on members of the Marathon IRC group, but that'd bend my "no RPF" rule a bit too much...

* Balapoel of Fell, looking much better than the last few times I've drawn him.

* No matter how much time passes, there are days when Yrro can't help but wonder what might have happened had he joined the fight against the Demon sooner.

* S'bhuth, Older of the S'pht'Kr, and a far more troubled individual than most would assume.

* "Pthia was my student back on Lh'owon. You would've liked him."

* Phoenix, formerly of the UESC Atreides.

* Paco and Ian enjoy some rare downtime. (One hopes this was not the last time the two got to enjoy themselves like this...)

* Any excuse to draw some more redheaded Rubicon-era Durandal is a good one.

* Two connected doodles of Sabino (OC) and TI!Vince in the opposite environments of which they're used to. And yes, Inm!Pfhor bleed orange, not yellow.

* Nagi and Kyes (Ka-co-kh), tired but feeling accomplished.

* This was probably from before Lysander started really spiraling into that protracted mental breakdown...

* Operation Tantalus is not a scenario I've played much of, for one major reason: it's an M1 scenario and Aleph One for Windows can't run it. Still, it seems to have earned some accolades and was suggested at the Story Forum, so here's Col. Richey (purple stripes, front) and the fresh-faced, in-over-his-head player character (back). Might revise their armour later; helmets would not be off under normal circumstances. The Phobos astrological sign came from here.

* Jana Karn, leader of the BaBs (Bionically Augmented Ballistics); more specifically, she's from the single-level "Revenge of the BaBs" map that those patched shapes/sounds were meant to be showcased on. In Inmortalitas, Jana took on that role after deciding against joining the Sentinels, which would have rooted her to Earth. Not yet sure if she was present on Lh'owon, but she and Blake are definitely aware of (read: frequently snipe at) each other.

* Leela/S'bhuth and Hathor, not liking each other.

* Susannah, from the short scenario of the same name, beckons you. Three years after I first drew her, the upper half of her face is finally visible; hadn't intended that going in, but I like how she looks now, so.

* "You are Destiny."

In post-Infinity timelines, Vince will eventually return to Durandal, of his own volition and on his own terms.
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