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This fellow here comes from the Ka-co-kh series and Marathon Forever, a Japanese scenario (one of the most popular, Logue tells me) that I couldn't find much info on (due to technical issues with DTB not being able to display Japanese text) until Hopper of the Story Forums helped out.

Gekitsuchi is your initial mission control whose ship is propelled by eight crystalline, feather-like structures. He's fairly helpful in KCK and reveals a good deal of the backstory, but in Forever (which seems to be a prequel), he's more of a jerk. The other AIs liken him to a bluebird.

Note: his name is rendered as "Ghekythiy" in his logon, which is less a name and more a bad Scrabble hand. The actual kanji doesn't look like it would sound like that.

EDIT: Updated his ref text (and comment text) slightly to reflect on what I learned about him whilst translating the Ka-co-kh series.
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Wow man, you're good at finding obscure media. We need more people like you.

I myself have done a lot of that too.