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I think I'm a little more than halfway through the notepad.

* As of this writing, Rockman Online's fate is up in the air; Neowiz is looking to transfer the project over to GAMEON Studio, but many of us are afraid that Capcom will bin it before that can happen. If the latter happens, then we'll never know whether or not Irene would prove that, despite her bio, she's not a Purity Sue.

* My human!Celestia was drawn here first, along with Luna (Season 2).

* Although I have no interest in either version of MvC3, I have the guidebook for Ultimate (well, sorta. It's a birthday gift), since I like collecting video game guides regardless of whether or not I actually own the game. That UMvC3-exclusive palette of Zero's really does make his hair look like engine coolant to me...

* One issue of Dragao(?) gave Roll that pink-and-white outfit, though her pose makes it hard to discern all the details. I've saved the pages of that issue concerning their Megaman/X RPG, but since I can't read Portuguese, I dunno how interesting it actually is.

* Hopefully I got Stacatto's colour scheme right.

* Next to Stacatto are the three female entries in Nintendo Power's MM6 boss contest; two of them (Megawoman, who's presumably good or at least not allied with Wily, and Megagirl, who's evil--demonic robo-dog not pictured) are robots, while the third, Weaseletta, is Wily's biological daughter. The way I drew her makes her took like a young RS-Protowoman...there's a potential can of psychological worms. (Funtastic fact: I Classic-ized MMBN's Yuriko partially because I felt bad about using those NP entires at the time)

* Flora's a former supercomputer (specifically, one created to research plants); idea; I never read her bio, if there was one. I think she was allied with Black T. (as was Flora, before she and Butterflyman jumped ship).

* In contrast to Protoman, Genesis is very outwardly emotional.

* I may have gotten some of Metallica's details wrong; for example, I don't think she regularly wore sleeves.

* So far, I think Rainbow Flash, Daisy Dreams, and Lily Blossom are the only ponies outside of the mane six, Cheerilee, and Celestia to get their own artwork.

* By the way, drawing ponies on-model should not be this difficult...

* Short-haired Chelsea was drawn before my copy of the Dreamwave-MM Pocket Book arrived (it was a library copy; new copies go for over $100 on Amazon. but my used one was $15~).

* I was going to draw Nameless Girl to the right in RS-Roll's post there, but it didn't really fit her.

* I also received the Megaman Battle Network OCW recently; really like those two unused Navis' designs.
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I imagine if Weaseletta was ever adapted, unlikely I know, she'd be a robot who liked to think of herself as Wily's biological daughter.