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# 152.

* Pandora is quoting "Exterminating Angel" by The Creatures. One artist on the TMMN Oekaki (back when Java still worked for most folks) drew a lot of Vent/Pandora art, hence Vent's presence.

* Ayish, as I think I've mentioned before, is an Essomallim (the name I gave to Illumina's race); she aids Penumbra, Shadow's freedom fighter group that Amy joins at some point.

* Not sure about the colours on Samus's S'pht'Kr suit; the dark red was meant to evoke the major S'pht'Kr, but in practice, it doesn't look so great next to that shade of blue.

* Maggie being a woman at all is, unfortunately, a result of the localization practices at the time (see also: Zoicite), but at the same time, I'm not sure how well the original Tekkaman treated Levin (making your only gay character a flamboyant cross-dresser is...eeeeeehh). I've headcanon'd Maggie as trans female, for the sake of retaining some diversity.

* BarbX comes from "The Life and Death of Intelligence", a Marathon(?) fic written in the form of in-universe terminals. It's quite interesting, though I'm still not entirely clear on some of the plot points. I had in mind that I ought to draw her and Enkidu (more on him shortly); this is what I settled on, based largely on how she appears at the end of the second part.

* Enkidu is from another terminal-fic, this time for Halo (although written at a time when it was widely believed that Marathon and Halo were part of the same 'verse, I think); many things about this fic remind me of what people were expecting Cortana to do. Given his namesake, I tried to make Enikdu look a bit wilder than your average AI.

* Adult!Shinatama's clothes borrow heavily from one pic of Major Kusanagi.

* I had yet to draw Sammie in her armour, so I did.

* The two depictions of Kalmiya I've seen thus far have made her signature colour either red or green; here, it's green, since Marathon!Cortana went from her post-CE blue back to violet.

* I'd like to think that the S'pht gave Vincent a passable disguise for when he has to traipse around Renaissance Italy (note: Tempus Irae is post-Infinity and assumes that the SO parted ways with Durandal/Thoth).

* Wanted to show off Reaver!Paco's arm blades (which are semi-flexible, as indicated by the exposed muscle). I didn't expect to add Ian, but there was a bit too much space left over on that row; something tells me that punching the various nasties would not go as well for him as it would Paco.

* Your eyes do not deceive you, and this isn't like when I gave Lara Croft those training duds: Cloud Strife officially made the cut for Sm4sh. Link is here both to fill up space and to hint at a potential team-up that I hope at least a few other people have been thinking of.
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