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Felt pen doodles 138

# 138.

* I have this headcanon-thing that Conker and Berri are Smash World's bartenders (the bar is only open to the adult Smashers, of course. Here's Berri in her uniform; I am rather proud of how that wine bottle turned out.

* Master Chief and Samus once again end up next to each other; I imagine that John would be on the Blue Team.

* Funtastic fact: I drew Nova and Konoko together for a reason, that reason being that many yonks ago I was invited to work on this three-way StarCraft/Oni/Megaman dystopian future crossover. I have no idea if any of my ideas were implemented or even if the thing went anywhere at all.

* I may have misread Jiyon's name. At any rate, she(?) is a Spartan created by a Japanese fan (Dandy, on pixiv).

* A possible take on the Jjaro, using one of the few named members from the back story of Pathways into Darkness (Ryu'toth is the one who warns humanity about the sleeping god that you must help contain). Halo's Forerunners were interpreted by the Titan devs as ascended humans (they've all got white hair and glowing eyes, at least), so I thought it'd be interesting to re-use that idea in some form.

* On that note, Durandal's mask is now semi-significant. Not that he realizes it.

* I hesitate to call Calypso a dream-based character since I actually thought of her right after waking up from one. My half-awake brain told me that she was someone else's character, but since I couldn't remember where I'd seen her before, if at all, I quickly jotted down her basic appearance. Calypso is some variety of meta-human and used to work alongside other commanders named after Saturn's moons.

* I figured that leaving off the gloves and keeping the silver armlet-thing would better emphasize that Sticks is wearing her own version of Boom!Amy's outfit.

* In general, drawing Spartans is a good way to punish myself. The Athlon Spartan is pretty cool (plus, I pre-ordered the figure), though I'm also partial to...

* ...Kelly's Hermes permutation. Of all the other figures in the first Halo 5 wave, I'd really like to nab hers. (No points for guessing what Sonic's doing here)

* I ended up sharing my AI designs over on the Marathon Story Page; while reception was mostly positive, one fellow did note that Durandal's hair colour/style made him seem more brooding that he actually is. This doodle is the result of that and another suggestion; while I don't really intend to change it, I've literally never seen a red-haired Durandal before and that was something that couldn't go un-doodled. (He basically went from "squirrel's nest" to "rooster")

* Gonzo the Spartan stemmed from an idea I'm not likely to end up drawing. To be honest, I don't think I could even move around in MJOLNIR gear (look at my arms; I'm that scrawny in real life). Chose Pioneer since I enjoy exploring, though Infiltrator was a close second.

* This isn't the first time I pondered an NGE/CP crossover-that-should-not-be. Wheeler's got extra padding to protect against his own element. (Also, spot the hidden pun)
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Nice, love the Halo artwork going on here heheh. >XD
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Your most certainly welcome heheh, its awesome to see some awesome artwork. ^_^
Konoko and Shinatama don't look too happy, but considering what happened...

"Funtastic fact: I drew Nova and Konoko together for a reason, that reason being that many yonks ago I was invited to work on this three-way StarCraft/Oni/Megaman dystopian future crossove"

Uh please more info. :D
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Many years ago (like, 2007 or maybe early '08), someone approached me about working on the described crossover, and we exchanged ideas (well, I gave him ideas and he told me whether or not they'd work). I got the impression that this'd be a big thing, but no dice.

What I remember of the plot is that Protoman went rogue and became the God-Emperor (in function, not literally); Megaman was on the run and pursued by Konoko and Nova.