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Felt pen doodles 132



# 132.

* Short hair doesn't seem to suit Durandal anymore.

* Sanjuro's appearance here is based on his boxart attire, with his actual haircut as seen in his mugshot.

* I had this headcanon-thing that RS-Rock, in his spare time, collected knives of all sizes and sharpnesses (the joke being that it's the last thing you'd expect a guy like him to have any interest in, let alone own a whole cabinet's worth of). Sometimes he actually uses them. (Also pictured is RS-Proto with a new coat)

* The graphic on the back of Vincent's jacket is taken from Marathon Zero (aka M1's alpha). For whatever reason, something about it reminds me of the artifacts of early Internet.

* Jade, Topaz, and Vitrail demonstrating their usual reactions to danger (at least, how I think they'd react in the former two's cases).

* Over on my tumblr, I referred to Riana Rouge as a "pseudo-magical girl", since she changes outfits and hairstyles/colours for every barely-coherent mess of a world she visits. So, naturally, I had to draw her as an actual magical girl, complete with a staff based off of the Emotional Matrix(?) whose non-gem bits were recoloured silver. I wanted to go for Boogiepop Phantom and ended up with punk-ish Precure.

* Sora-in-Smash came entirely from a discussion on RPM. As you can see, I don't design keyblades very often (this one is based off of Sm4sh's version of Final Destination).

* Sonic Rose's own wardrobe doesn't lean as heavily towards "late-90s-to-early-00s effluvia" as Shadow Kojima's.

* Granted, I dunno if Gold having the Marathon insignia stamped on her head was intentional.

* Did I mention that Terion "Silver" de Italia is a mafia enforcer? Based off a conversation I had with knockabiller, and also my first attempt at Remix.

* Check the previous page for Almace v1. For various reasons, I ended up going down a different route from before, up to and including removing one of his colours; he's named after an enigmatic sword from the Matter of France with two different origins, one of which had it replace Joyeuse (which would've made Almace related to Durandal and Cortana, hint hint).

* The markings of MC's Zero Suit are sorta-based on Hawaiian tribal tattoos (simplified because I want to be able to draw them twice), which use patterns that I saw a fair bit of growing up.

* Nicole-458's downward-pointing lower lashes were my own addition.

* Don't watch RvB as of this writing, but I was still inspired to draw Carolina--whose armour, in my fatigue, I forgot to shade. D'oh.

* Speaking of Freelancers, here's my take on Alabama (the state I live in!), who doesn't seem to have been mentioned/shown yet (I think?).
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knockabiller's avatar
Actually no he is adorable! Seeing him in your style makes me wanna see you draw him standing next to Aurum...

Also, how tall is Terion actually? Is he human-sized, or the same size as his game counterpart, or like... maybe around 4 feet or something? I assume some cheating with the heights is necessary to get everyone to fit on these doodle pages but I'm still curious... I've been kinda mentally seeing them as like a head taller than the game models.

I'm 100% certain that Gold's symbol is supposed to be the capsule corp-lookin symbol that appears on the ground in Silver's sonic 06 stages, but yellow and filled in, the same way the pattern on the edge of her poncho thingy is just an extended, color-reversed version of the "crenelation" pattern on Silver's bracelets.
But I looked it up and holy crap you are 100% correct it is LITERALLY the marathon logo SO ON ACCOUNT OF THIS: you should draw her in a marathon outfit at some point, or as Silver's AI or something
Meanwhile I will maybe draw her in the running kind of marathon, lol