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Durandal ref



Given that this is the second revision of this ref, and how I thought the last one would stick, I can't say for certain that this is the final one...but hopefully it'll be a long time before I feel the need to screw around with it again.

Would've been easier to redraw everything from scratch than fix the anatomical issues, so that's what I did. These aren't 1:1 recreations of the old refs.

So, Durandal. His expanded role in Inmortalitas has evolved in various and interesting ways since I first started re-reading/playing Marathon; for one, he wasn't the reincarnation of an ancient human when I drew his first ref. "Unwitting MIDA pawn" refers to my theory that he was intended to go rampant on the Marathon for the purpose of lowering its defenses for them, but obviously MIDA wasn't expecting the Pfhor.


Version 1: sta.sh/03s8q5jaxs6
Version 2: sta.sh/0drdjb0i8fm
Version 3: sta.sh/02anuplh2djj
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Always loved Durandal. How snide he was to VIC in the first Marathon, to becoming a beacon of hope in Marathon 2.

His "I've got a shotgun and you don't!" from Marathon was always my fave quote of his (also predated that line from the Japanese Biohazard/Resident Evil opening song).XD