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Cosmos of the Divine Shotgun by General-RADIX Cosmos of the Divine Shotgun by General-RADIX

One of those crossovers/fusions that was mostly an excuse to dress everyone up. These were drawn over the course of a few days, on multiple sheets of card stock (hence the wonky heights...whoops).

The Angelique series by Koei and Ruby Party is this sort of strategy/’neo-romance’ hybrid wherein two girls compete to become the next queen; they’re aided by nine elemental guardians. The linked site contains more information on the setting and characters.

From left to right: Logan (ruler candidate), Haller (Light), Lysander (Dark), Cortana (Wind), Raja (Water), Tycho (Fire), Charlie (Green), Durandal (Steel), Leela (Dream), and Lilith (Earth). Everyone’s mostly based on their respective Guardians from ‘Cosmos of the Divine Bird’, except Cortana (modeled after the second Guardian of Wind, from ‘Cosmos of the Holy Beast’).

Thought processes below:


Logan: They're the protagonist of a visual novel concept which involves romance. Seemed like an obvious choice.

Haller: was originally going to be the Guardian of Dream, but the element description didn't actually fit him that much. His possible Jjaro-based architecture would allow him to be Light without much trouble, I think. Based on Julious.

Lysander: tends to stick to the shadows (i.e. where other people aren't). Based on Clavis.

Cortana: spent a long period of time wandering about (like the wind). Based on Heuye.

Raja: water is associated with healing in some places, I think, and he's a medic. Based on Lumiale.

Tycho: fire = anger, more or less. Based on Oscar.

Charlie: a timid bunny rabbit of an android who might like gardening if given a chance to do so. Based on Marcel.

Durandal: cuz Durendal the unbreakable sword, geddit? Based on Zephel.

Leela: owning fifteen networks might help expand her perceptions a bit. Based on Olivie.

Lilith: a mentor-figure to at least one other person (not that Cortana likes that). Based on Luva.

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April 19, 2017
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