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"How did we go from sorta-realistic wardrobes for these AIndroids to this dork-o-matic?" you might wonder. 'cuz it was the first solid mental image I had of Apollo and the other AI from his home scenario after I finished terminal-browsing, that's why.

I can't recall what Apollo desired revenge for, but the (relatively short) scenario expects you to side with his rival/sibling(?) Artemis. PROTIP: if he tells you that the exit is down one way, go the other.

His armour is half toku, half motocross (mainly in the boots). I would've gone full moto, but it made his helmet stick out bizarrely. Originally, his text was the same shade of red as Tycho's; I darkened it for that reason. Since none of the terminals had images or even logons, I designed an insignia for him and Artemis.
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Have you considered adding one based on the Egyptian Goddess, Neith?